Hayley announces PFA/FFV deluxe + sends a message

The Hayley Williams FLOWERS for VASES & Petals for Armor Deluxe which includes 20 page booklet filled with never before seen photos and diary entries from Hayley. A 3LP will be released on 25th of March, the day from Flowers for Vases / Descansos will be available on CD. Along this a new merch appared at Hayley’s webstore. Click HERE to place your order, use code: HAYLEYWRAP for Free Wrapping Paper or HAYLEYSEED for Free Lyric Seed Paper.

To support the releases Hayley sent a long message in a form of a newsletter where she talks about this deluxe vinyl, diary entries, past three years and Paramore. Click read more to access it.

The last few years went by so fast and yet they were so full. When the band decided to come home in 2018 for an extended break, I really thought I’d just be home recharging. Maybe I’d travel for fun instead of work. Definitely, I’d spend a lot of time with family, catching up on whatever I thought “normalcy” felt like. I did not anticipate all the therapy, the deep emotional purging, the neck aches and chiropractic appointments (ha), and the world changing in ways that left a lot of us with whiplash (and then even more chiropractic appointments)… little glimmers of hope and then nothing but grief. A little more hope. Followed by some more grief. On and on and on.

In the thick of it all, I wrote. Enough to make up 2 solo albums. The kind of albums I swore I’d never make! Because how dare anyone, most of all me, think for a second that my loyalty to Paramore had dwindled. The guys were by my side nearly the entire process. If not actually working on the project with me then cheering me on. I even got to write with a few friends outside of – but very much connected to – Paramore, who taught me so much and gave me so much to be inspired by. Petals would likely not even exist if not for Joey Howard, his bass guitar, and a drum machine!!

I’m so thankful for this experience. I got to (very literally) dance with demons I’d been too afraid to even acknowledge before. This deluxe edition of Petals For Armor + Flowers for Vases/descansos is a summary of all the lessons and beautiful moments I don’t ever want to forget, in one place. The booklet is full of unreleased photos taken by my trusted friend and creative ally, Lindsey Byrnes. The journal entries span the last couple of years, with just a couple bits from decade old journals I finally had the time to dig through during quarantine.

Before I go, thank y’all so much for the incredible support these last couple years. I know we didn’t get to properly come together to sing and vent and sweat it all out… but I do think that Petals and descansos lived exactly the lives they were meant to. Besides, Paramore can’t be “on a break” forever now can we?

I love y’all. See you sometime next year?