She Shreds interviews Hayley on business and music

Taking a break from recording Paramore’s sixth studio album, Hayley Williams sat down with She Shreds to talk about building a business, being a good leader, making mistakes, making dedication to protect her community, being a part of promo campaigns and being able to find balance between music and entrepreneurship. Click HERE to read the article based on the interview or watch it in full below. Below we post some quotes.

What’s hard about loving punk music, being a part of any sub set of punk culture, we’re trying to spread this word somehow, whether that be anti-capitalism or whether that be fucking anything – says Hayley.

It takes a really long time to build a business. So I’m totally fine with us making a few mistakes and growing and learning. And then again, me being able to have moments where I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m going to let this go a little bit more and see how it blossoms without me or with me standing back a little further.’ Like, I would love for business people to talk about that more because I just am like, ‘There’s no right way.’ It’s the same as any relationship, right? They don’t give you a manual for it. You just sort of have to go by feel and I’m more of a gut person.

It’s not about standing out. It’s about what you stand for. And I think no matter where you come from, there’s a reason to disrupt something. At the end of the day, only you know your cause and what you wake up to every morning and what that tension feels like, and how you’re the only person that knows how to move in it because you’re you, but it’s exciting