Paramore are done recording 5th album?!

A moment ago Justin Meldal-Johnsen made us all extremely happy and extremely excited. The producer of Paramore’s 5th studio album posted on Instagram a photo with this caption: Goodbye Nashville.

In the photo we can see lots of recording equipement and instruments packed in one place, ready to leave, and Hayley waving a goodbye to the camera showing a Victory sign. Does this mean that Paramore’s upcoming studio album is recorded? Are maybe they are switching studios? Moving from the RCA Victor Studios in Nashville, TN to a different studio in a different city to work again?

The band left a comment under Justin’s photo writing: give me the album in capital letters. Do we really need an official comment on the situation? We need one! Especially after a second photo posted by Justin and the caption: „Nashville phase complete.”

The longplay, according to Hayley’s words for the Rock Sound Magazine, is expected to be released in early 2017. Waiting for a statement from Paramore and hoping for editing, mixing and mastering to happen next for this album, click HERE to visit Studio Calendar for photos and videos.

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