After Laughter one of the best albums of the 2010’s

Pitchfork published a list of the 200 Best Albums of the 2010s. Among the records which made the decade, at #169 you can find After Laughter, Paramore’s latest album released in 2017. In the explanation of the choice Alex Frank wrote the following: Call After Laughter “emo for adults”: Williams wrote an album that feels like a perfect window into the inner turmoil that defines millennials’ state of extended adolescence. To thank for this and well as to thank for the support and the love the album has received over the years Paramore posted a note on Instagram, attaching some of previously unreleased pictures.

Even though we make music purely for the love of it, we still care a lot what people think. It’s very cool to see our work sit comfortably on a list with so many artists we admire, they wrote. The note, with the pictures, is posted below.