New video interview with Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams sat down with Bryan Elliott from Behind The Brand to discuss her life. That’s most likely the most autobiographical interview Hayley’s ever done. She’s also talking about starting her new business, love and break ups, and above all – about music and Paramore.

Click HERE to see photos taken on 11th of March, right after the interview and scroll down to watch the video which contains some really awesome and very touching moments. You gonna love it!

edit: A very first version of the interview uploaded by Bryan and fastly removed, was a way more autobiographical and happened to be the most open interivew Hayley’s ever done. The final, re-uploaded version, is mostly about goodDYEyoung as a brand.

We know that the first version is available online under illegal sources, however, it’s good to remember there was a reason why Warner Music kept removing the video from all sources possible. As we don’t know the reason, and as the final version is so different, we won’t spread what’s removed. Hopefully Bryan gonna re-upload the rest soon.

edit 2: Bryan made a comment on the missing parts of the interview: