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Paramore explain Told You So music video

When Paramore announced the details of „Told You So” radio premiere they forgot to mention another music video coming our way. Hayley and Zac, however, did not forget to tell The Fader how they made it. In case you’ve missed this fact, Zac Farro wrote the script and co-directed „Told You So” music video with his friend, Aaron Joseph. The concept was based on the band’s car rides after recording sessions in L.A.

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Paramore are set to play on Kimmel’s

According to the latest and official news, on 17th of May Paramore will be playing a mini-show on Jimmy Kimmel’s outdoor mini-series in Los Angeles.

Entering this page you can request a free tickets to attend the show. The band will present songs from „After Laughter” and most likely some tracks from the previous LP. Czytaj dalej

Told You So, a new track from After Laughter is now available!

What a time to be alive! Two weeks after „Hard Times” unexpected radio and online premiere, Paramore released another track from their upcoming fifth studio album! „Told You So” has just premiered on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe and is now available worldwide on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and Tidal. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy „Told You So,” a 3:08 long song written by Hayley Williams and Taylor York. The music video was directed by Zac Farro and Aaron Joseph.

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„Hard Times” debuts on Hot 100!

Last week „Hard Times,” a very first single from Paramore’s upcoming studio album „After Laughter,” debuted on Billboard Rock charts.

However, this week the song made it to the most important of Billboard’s charts – Hot 100. It’s not doing incredibly great in the US but it’s not doing bad. Let’s have a look.

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Paramore to drop a new song tomorrow!

Just 9 days before the release date for „After Laughter” Paramore will drop another song from the album! The band has just confirmed what’s been speculated for a week – „Told You So” premieres on Wednesday, 3rd of May.

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Paramore posing for Nylon Magazine

Do you remember a photo Paramore posted on Instagram with a caption “just sitting”? Good, because now we know what they were sitting on Zac’s couch for. They were posing Lindsey Byrnes for the May issue of Nylon Magazine. Click HERE to see new photos.

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Paramore reveals ‚After Laughter’ meaning

Perhaps you’ve been wondering what’s the meaning of the title of Paramore’s fifth studio album.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering why Paramore was constantly posting the same fan art on their social media profiles.

Here’s the answer!

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Hayley talks to BBC Radio 1 about new music

Yesterday Hayley posted a photo saying she’s awake alive, ready for a phone intervew she was about to do at midnight. Well, here’s one of that phone interviews Paramore are doing right now to promote the upcoming studio album and the newest single.

Hayley talks to BBC Radio 1 about it, the writing and recording process which wasn’t easy for her. „I think it’s been a first time in my life I kinda know what it feels like to struggle with depression,” she said commenting on the lyrics.

„I was trying to figure out the way to bend my feelings atound beats and rhythms and melodies.” You can listen the interview in the player below.

Watch Paramore and Zane Lowe on Beats 1 + photos

Paramore sat down with Zane Lowe at Taylor’s house in Nashville, TN to talk about the lead up and making of their new album, After Laughter. You can watch part one of the interview in the player below. You can use Beats 1 – – to get a full conversation. You don’t want to miss it. Trust me! Click HERE to see the photos taken after the interview.

Second part, a track-by-track documentary premieres on 11th of May, a day before „After Laughter” comes out!