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Hayley on goodDYEyoung’s future

We might be waiting for Paramore to release their new single, and fifth studio album, but there is another good thing to wait for. A new goodDYEyoung hair dye colors and a new product line that Hayley and Brian are currently busy working on! One of a brand new hair dyes is purple, which happens to be one of the most-mixed colors from their first launch.

„Should I just tell you what we’ve named it?” Williams asked while talking to Paste Magazine. „What the hell! It’s called PPL Eater (people eater).” The new colors should go on sale in the coming months, we’ve learned earlier this month.

Hayley and Brian at new goodDYEyoung photoshoot – see the PPL Eater in real life

„Life is so wild and the only thing consistent about it is change,” Hayley said. „My hair has always been a great way for me to deal with change, sometimes as a catalyst and other times as a reaction. Either way, it marks seasons of my life in a way that’s only rivaled by lyrics that I’ve written.”

Visit and read a full article based on an interview with Hayley.

Hayley and Brian at new goodDYEyoung photoshoot

If you were wondering why Hayley Williams is spending so much time with Lindsey Byrnes lately, the answer is the easiest possible. Yes, they’re close friends but this is not the point. Yesterday Hayley, Brian, Lindsey and even Alf were working on a new goodDYEyoung photoshoot at the White Avenue Studio in Nashville, TN.

A while ago Hayley told that goodDYEyoung is working on new colors to add to its collection of shades and the photoshoot is a first introduction of that! The shades are going to be launched in the next couple months… We can’t wait to share more details with us! Meanwhile, you can see new photos and videos from the photoshoot set and here are a new goodDYEyoung merch goodies.

The world needs you – goodDYEyoung posts new message

Posted by goodDYEyoung on 9th of November 2016:

we think it’s only right to acknowledge that we understand many of you will be navigating difficult emotions today. we are here with you, we support you, we are a safe space for you.

but now, more than ever the would needs you. the world needs each and everyone of us to be our most authentic selves. the world needs us to stand up and be seen for who we are as individuals regardless of race, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

we do not want you to be afraid, we want you to be proud and to continue to be brave. so grab somebody’s hand, and stand together. because the world needs individuals, the world needs us.

goodDYEyoung presents new merch

Recently Hayley Williams mentioned that goodDYEyoung is soon going to introduce a new dye to its collection. Before this happens, the company has launched a new range of official merch items. The new products include two new tees designs, a No Bad Hair Days hat, awesome pin set, a pillowcase, a towel and a fancy shower cap.

Click HERE to see the prices of all these products and to buy both merch and dyes.

GIVEAWAY with goodDYEyoung shades

Hayley and Brian were working hard for years to bring the best hair dyes possible. The products of their work were officially presented in March and went on sale in April 2016. Today, celebrating 7th anniversary of this fan base, we are excited to team up with goodDYEyoung for a special giveaway! Are you ready?

We have got 14 goodDYEyoung shades and 7 faders for you! As we are online for 7 years, we have shades for seven lucky people! Each winner will get a set of 2 random shades and a fader. How do you feel about it? We love it!

How to win? In the comment section below this note please write which two goodDYEyoung shades would you like to use and explain what kind of color effect you imagine to get.  

The giveaway is open for the US residents only. 7 lucky winners will be selected from all correct entries by a member of our team by the of September 2016. Please include your e-mail address in the answer. We will contact you using it. For everything you should know about goodDYEyoung – colors, offers, mixing colors – visit Giveaway ends on 24th of September 2016 at midnight GTM time zone.

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Hayley promotes goodDYEyoung at Warped

Yesterday Hayley Williams surprised fans at the 2016 Vans Warped Tour in Nashville, TN and stopped by the goodDYEyoung tent where Brian J O’Connor was promoting their dyes. People got super excited seeing smiling Hayley out there.

At the merch booth she was supported by her mom and sister, Erica as well as Paramore’s tour team and husband, Chad. Photos are available HERE and two short interviews are up below. Sadly, Hayley did not joined New Found Glory on stage and happily, she said that she has to be back in the studio.


HuffPost Lifestyle and Racked interview Hayley and Brian

Yesterday, on 12th of May, Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor had a really impressive press day in New York City. The goodDYEyoung founders visited Bustle, Allure, Teen Vogue, HuffPost Lifestyle and Racked. Everywhere, yes, everywhere they did live streams and answered questions asked by people, who were interested in buying goodDYEyoung products.

Go HERE to watch a video from HuffPost and HERE to watch one from Racked. And there’s one thing you should, probably, keep in mind… Hayley will never ever dye her hair black again.

New photos of Hayley and Brian in NYC

As Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor are pretty busy in New York City visiting various media to talk about their hair dye line goodDYEyoung, there are new photos of them appearing in our GALLERY. Make sure to follow it for updates! So far they visited Bustle, Allure and Teen Vogue.

goodDYEyoung visits Allure

Hayley and Brian are on a press day in New York City. After visiting Bustle, they took a short break for lunch and after that visited Allure HQ for another questions and answers session with fans and people interested in goodDYEyoung products. What were they discussing this time?

Check out the video and make sure to stay focused because the press day isn’t over yet!

Hayley and Brian chatting with Bustle

Once goodDYEyoung is about to be officially launched and pre-orders are about to be shipped, Hayley and Brian took a flight to New York City. The two are meeting with press and are talking about their dream-coming-true company. HERE you can see photos from NYC and go HERE to watch Q&A session they’ve just done with Bustle.

What’s their favourite color? What tips do they have for you? Just watch!