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Hayley contributes to Can You Deal? zine

Hayley Williams enjoys talking about music and music industry from a female perspective. This time she wrote an essay for a project „Can You Deal?” introduced by Jennifer Clavin from Bleached.

„Thx so much @HelloBleached for inviting me to be a part of #CanYouDeal alongside so many incredible women i admire,” wrote Hayley on Twitter.

„When the band started touring I was embarrassed that every review we got back was only focusing on me. Why couldn’t people just forget I was a girl?,” asks Hayley in the essay.

The zine is a collection of shared experiences from other female artists commenting on being labeled as „girl band”, on how do they feel knowing their music is defined based on their sex.

„Labeling me as a woman in a band just puts me in a box, and doesn’t allow everything else I am to be seen and heard,” wrote Jennifer.

Net proceeds from the zine will go to Planned Parenthood. They are only 1000 copies available, each for $12. You can buy the zine here. A part of Hayley’s essay is available here while the entire one below.

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Hayley to sing on Jimmy Eat World EP?

Apparently Hayley Williams is going to sing on the upcoming Jimmy Eat World’s tour EP. The album is reportedly titled „Are You Listening?” and includes 5 tracks dedicated to fans who bought tickets to see the band live on tour!

According to the tracklist, Hayley is singing on „Always Be”, what she in fact did a couple of times years ago, including this performance:

Here’s the tracklist for the album:

Get Right
Sure and Certain (Acoustic)
Always Be (live feat. Hayley Williams)
A Praise Chorus (live feat. Davey VonBohlen)
Hear You Me (live feat. Courtney Marie Andrews)

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New video interview with Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams sat down with Bryan Elliott from Behind The Brand to discuss her life. That’s most likely the most autobiographical interview Hayley’s ever done. She’s also talking about starting her new business, love and break ups, and above all – about music and Paramore.

Click HERE to see photos taken on 11th of March, right after the interview and scroll down to watch the video which contains some really awesome and very touching moments. You gonna love it!

edit: A very first version of the interview uploaded by Bryan and fastly removed, was a way more autobiographical and happened to be the most open interivew Hayley’s ever done. The final, re-uploaded version, is mostly about goodDYEyoung as a brand.

We know that the first version is available online under illegal sources, however, it’s good to remember there was a reason why Warner Music kept removing the video from all sources possible. As we don’t know the reason, and as the final version is so different, we won’t spread what’s removed. Hopefully Bryan gonna re-upload the rest soon.

edit 2: Bryan made a comment on the missing parts of the interview:

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New message from Hayley about writing new album

Paramore is about to release a new studio album. Taylor York is back on Twitter, every day posting new photos of his magical equipement and Hayley is back on Instagram. Today Williams left a new message on Paramore’s official account about writing and demoing new studio album.

about a year ago, we began writing & demoing songs for #5
following up our self-titled album didn’t seem like it was going to be an easy task and, unsurprisingly, it was not. the problem about comparing yourself to… yourself… is that even though it’s better than looking elsewhere, you’re still looking in the wrong direction. for me, it wasn’t until i trusted that the past is finished with me that i could go looking for what’s next. our pasts can be a great comforter, or a horror movie; a noose, or a shield… but it is „past” for a reason. after a rest, we have to go looking for what’s supposed to come after that. – h

Visit Paramore Studio Calendar for photos, videos & dates

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Hayley Williams signs a letter to Barack Obama!

British singer Kate Nash shared a open letter to Barack Obama about the Dakota Pipeline and Hayley Williams is among over 130 musicians who signed it!

„I want to write a letter for musicians to sign, expressing how disturbed they are by the police actions taking place at Standing Rock,” said Nash. A full letter, and the names of all the engaged musicians, can be found here. #GoHayley

This issue revolves around a pipeline being built by Energy Transfer Partners which is due to transport oil from North Dakota to Illinois daily. It intends to travel underneath the Missouri River which is the main water source for the Sioux tribe. Beyond the risks of their water supply becoming contaminated, the tribe also argues that the pipe interferes with sacred grounds which belong to them as Native Americans according to agreements known as the Fort Laramie treaties. The Sioux claim that the federal government didn’t do enough to involve them while seeking a permit for the pipeline, a matter which would defy federal law. via

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Hayley at Zac Farro’s show in Nashville

Yesterday’s evening Hayley Williams spent enjoying Zac Farro’s HalfNoise show at the Exit In in Nashville, TN. She addented the show together with her mom and husband, Chad. Click here to see multiple photos she took with fans at the venue.

„I was very happy to see Zac in his element,” Hayley said on Twitter. „I still lose it when he plays the drums.”

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Hayley Williams writes about Clinton’s speech

Today the whole world is saying just one name – Donald Trump meaning the newly elected president of the United States. Hayley Williams, who used to be quiet about the elections, is now using social media to comment.

Yesterday, shorly after it became official that Donald Trump is going to be 45th president of the US, Hayley was tweeting with Best Coast. „I am completely stunned and actually bored of it all at the same time,” she wrote.

Two hours ago, soon after Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, Hayley wrote: „Grace & strength. Every time she addressed young girls/women I cried buckets.” 

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Hayley celebrates Halloween in Franklin, TN

Can you imagine Halloween without a fancy dressed Hayley? Not really, right? The lead Paramore singer spent this year’s Halloween in Nashville, TN at the Movie Gang event held in Franklin. On Snapchat she’s shared some spooky stories and she was also spotted by fans. Click HERE to see more photos and watch a video below.

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Hayley with Lindsey and Zac in Los Angeles

Yesterday Hayley Williams spent a lovely evening with friends. Together with Lindsey Byrnes and Zac Farro she attended Chvrches and Best Coast’s show in Los Angeles CA. Posting a photo on Twitter Hayley wrote: „When u casually force a longtime Pmore fam-member to take a pic w/ u, Zac & Beth in a cemetery.” This and more photos are available HERE. Also here you can watch snaps from the evening.

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Hayley at the Pilgrimage Festival

Yesterday Hayley Williams went to a local festival in Franklin, TN with Chad and some friends. Ian Grushka from New Found Glory posted a photo with Hayley backstage at the Kacey Musgraves’ show. „Super happy I got to see Kacey Musgraves play a dern good show in my hometown!,” wrote Hayley after the show.

Click HERE to see more photos from Pilgrimage Festival.

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