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Paramore on the cover of DIY Magazine

Paramore are once again gracing the cover of the British DIY Magazine but this time they are doing this with photos taken by Pooneh Ghana. And we love this photoshoot so much! Besides the photos, there’s also another nice article about Paramore with quotes from the band.

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I’m back… Zac Farro is back?!

When Hayley Williams and Taylor York, together with Zac Farro, visited the Warner/Chappell Music in Los Angeles, California yesterday and met with Greg Sowders the speculations began that Zac may be making his official return to Paramore. Here you can see a photo from the meeting.

The Warner/Chappell Music representative, who posted the photo of the trio on Instagram made it even worse for fans by firstly calling Zac a member of Paramore, later editing the post with adding „past” in front of his name and making the note more about HalfNoise… It was weird, it really was confusing.

Now it’s official – Zac Farro is (again) the official member of Paramore!


Paramore have updated their official webpage adding one pretty meaningful sentence and a photo of the newest t-shirt. It says „I’m back” and shows a photo of baby Zac. You can grab the t-shirt here.

The news, a pretty big one, has already been confirmed by two people very close to Paramore. We are so excited to see this happening! We were hoping for it but wouldn’t believe until it has actually happened!

PBS NewsHour takes us behind the scenes of Paramore’s 5th album… sort of.

The American PBS NewsHour is sort of taking us behind the scenes of Paramore’s 5th album in their documentary about downtown Nashville being a backbone of the nation’s music industry. In this short documentary, starting at 0:42 and ending at 1:21. we can see Paramore working on their upcoming studio album!

The band was recording percussion in the RCA Studio A and here’s is where a part of this documentary was being recorded. In the video Taylor York is recording a tambourine beat for the new album and this’s a very first time we can actually hear something from the recording studio. Just to remind you, all the videos Hayley’s been posting were silent. Something is always better than nothing, right?

„When you walk into the room you can really feel the energy and inspiration,” said Taylor trying to describe how he feels recording music in the famous studio. Check out the documentary in the player below! Go HERE to enjoy Paramore’s studio calendar full of photos and videos.

Zac Farro on Paramore’s new music and fans

It is very hard for Farro brothers to avoid questions about their past in Paramore. Recently Zac, who is currently on tour with HalfNoise promoting „Sudden Feeling” album, was talking to the Oakland Press. Among the questions about his solo career he mentioned Paramore.

„Sometimes people come to the show to see if I’m joining the band again,” he said laughing. „I definitely get it. That’s a huge part of my past, so it’s a little bit expected. They’re still my best friends and Taylor the guitar player lives down the street from me and he’s played some shows with HalfNoise. It was such a rad thing to be able to play with them again. It still feels like my family.”

Paramore’s upcoming studio album is in its final stage of making. What can we expect? „The new music they’re making is really incredible so to be part of that is really cool. And they’re super supportive of what I’m doing, too,” said Zac.

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Zac Farro talks to Going Off Track about Paramore

Zac Farro, who is currently working with Hayley and Taylor on Paramore’s upcoming studio album, did another podcast. This time he sat down with Going Off Track and in between talks about his own, HalfNoise’s new indie-pop album „Sudden Feeling” he discussed Paramore. Both drumming on their fifth studio album and tourning with them being only fourteen.

„Starting that young I was mainly just drumming in Paramore and so this time away has helped me develop my own style and voice when it comes to my writing,” he said. Zac has also a very good perspective on how Paramore was working in the past and how it’s working now. Including a fact which gets easily forgotten by lots of people while talking about Hayley’s role in the band, her behaviour and attitude. Zac points out very directly that Hayley went through a lot loosing friends she used to make music with. „She’s like super-human. All these band member changes, it’s been super hard for her. People can say what they want about it.” 

Of course he cound’t left without explaining what determined his decision of leaving the band. „I left the band in 2010. The things between us were tough for a while but I think this is how it works when you lose someone you love, you are a good friend with,” said Zac adding. „Taylor, Hayley and I are the best friends we’ve ever been. I really care about these two people. I am so grateful second changes happen.”

You can stream the entire over one hour long conversation HERE. Zac talks there also about how does it feel to play at Warped Tour at the age of fourteen, how Hayley and Josh wrote „Misery Business”, how cool it is to be able to finally know you own voice and how he saw the same kind of dynamic between Hayley and Taylor he used to see between Hayley and Josh.

Ashley Tisdale covers Paramore’s single

There’re plenty of Paramore’s „Still Into You” single covers but this one is of the kind. Actress and singer Ashley Tisdale recorded her own version of the song as a part of Music Sessions, an intimate musical series curated and performed by her.

„Here I am with my husband and BFF Mr. Chris French performing a music cover of one of my fav songs by Paramore „Still Into You”!,” wrote Ashley. You can hear, and watch the video, of this cover in the player below.

Don’t forget to tell us your opinion on Ashley’s version. Cool or not?

New message from Hayley about BNE

Yesterday Paramore were celebrating 7 years of their third studio album release. brand new eyes was available worldwide from 29th of September 2009 and was certified Gold in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, and Indonesia. Hayley Williams wrote a special, short but very important message to people about this special day and events that happened later on in Paramore. It’s posted below.


Paramore’s 3rd album was released on this day 7 years ago. It was a heavy moment in time for us as a group. Even darker for some of us as individuals. The last song we released as a single while we were still a 5-piece band was „Playing God”. There are a lot lyrics I’m really proud of on BNE but these words in particular represent a lot of growth and growing pains. Thank you Brand New Eyes for being a reminder that in this life, pain is inevitable but not final. It reveals purpose. Character. Strength. So… here’s to our growing pains. Just think where we might be in 7 more years. – Hayley

Pre-order Purpose Hotel soundtrack featuring Paramore!

At the end of August the Rolling Stone Magazine article revealed the Purpose Hotel, Vol. 1 compilation album which is about to include a song from Paramore. This soundtrack is a part of a great project named the Purpose Hotel introduced by a celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart.

Hayley Williams has already given her support fowards this project, for example by tweeting about it. Now Jeremy Cowart updated campaign’s Kickstarter with further information on the soundtrack.

Entering THIS PAGE you can pledge a minimum of $15 and pre-order the digital version of the album. „Everyone who pledges at this level or higher will receive the digital soundtrack with music from Andy Davis, …, Paramore, … and Trent Dabbs,” says the caption.

„Purpose Hotel is something that we want do locally with our community. But it isn’t promotion for new album!,” said on twitter Hayley asked about a possibility of releasing a new song from the upcoming album on this soundtrack. However there’s still a chance for a completely new song from Paramore on the compilation. „We do have a few songs that are brand new for the soundtrack. Each song/artist resonates with the theme of the hotel,” said Jeremy.

What’s Purpose Hotel about? Jeremy aims to create a joy-filled space where this generation can come together and make awesome things happen. Imagine not just a hotel, but a global hotel chain, where every time you book a room: a child gets sponsored, the internet fee fights human trafficking and every product (soap, shampoo, linens, furniture, curated art, specialty products) is purchased from partners who are making a difference.

Paramore are done recording 5th album?!

A moment ago Justin Meldal-Johnsen made us all extremely happy and extremely excited. The producer of Paramore’s 5th studio album posted on Instagram a photo with this caption: Goodbye Nashville.

In the photo we can see lots of recording equipement and instruments packed in one place, ready to leave, and Hayley waving a goodbye to the camera showing a Victory sign. Does this mean that Paramore’s upcoming studio album is recorded? Are maybe they are switching studios? Moving from the RCA Victor Studios in Nashville, TN to a different studio in a different city to work again?

The band left a comment under Justin’s photo writing: give me the album in capital letters. Do we really need an official comment on the situation? We need one! Especially after a second photo posted by Justin and the caption: „Nashville phase complete.”

The longplay, according to Hayley’s words for the Rock Sound Magazine, is expected to be released in early 2017. Waiting for a statement from Paramore and hoping for editing, mixing and mastering to happen next for this album, click HERE to visit Studio Calendar for photos and videos.

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Paramore to join the Purpose Hotel soundtrack!

Paramore is about to be a part of a very special project. Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart came up with the idea of an unique hotel where every check-in helps a person in need. To fund it, the the multi-artist soundtrack will be released and Paramore is going to be on it, says Rolling Stone.

Cowart launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Purpose Hotel, which he hopes to begin in Nashville and then expand globally. It will be a place where absolutely everything inside benefits a worthy cause. Each room in the Purpose Hotel will also sponsor a child’s education, with a plaque on each door telling that child’s story.

The Purpose Hotel, Vol. 1 compilation album will be the 20-track project. According to the Rolling Stone article: the photographer called on friends and past clients to record music for the compilation album and…

Paramore is on that list.

To cool down your enthusiasm – there is no direct word on a new song from Paramore to be used in this project. Details on the content of the album and it’s exact release date haven’t been revealed yet. Let’s just wait and see what is going to happen in the future.

For now, Hayley supported the project on her Twitter.

The Kickstarter campaign ends in 4 days, however this project will only be funded if at least $2,000,000 is pledged by Saturday. Visiting THIS PAGE you can read more about the project, donate money and, as Rolling Stone Magazine says, buy the soundtrack. However you won’t find there a word on that…

UPDATE: Hayley answered the question on whether Paramore is releasing something new for the project or not. „Purpose Hotel is something that we want do locally with our community. But it isn’t promotion for new album!,” she said when a fan ask about a new song.