GIVEAWAY with goodDYEyoung shades

Hayley and Brian were working hard for years to bring the best hair dyes possible. The products of their work were officially presented in March and went on sale in April 2016. Today, celebrating 7th anniversary of this fan base, we are excited to team up with goodDYEyoung for a special giveaway! Are you ready?

We have got 14 goodDYEyoung shades and 7 faders for you! As we are online for 7 years, we have shades for seven lucky people! Each winner will get a set of 2 random shades and a fader. How do you feel about it? We love it!

How to win? In the comment section below this note please write which two goodDYEyoung shades would you like to use and explain what kind of color effect you imagine to get.  

The giveaway is open for the US residents only. 7 lucky winners will be selected from all correct entries by a member of our team by the of September 2016. Please include your e-mail address in the answer. We will contact you using it. For everything you should know about goodDYEyoung – colors, offers, mixing colors – visit Giveaway ends on 24th of September 2016 at midnight GTM time zone.

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  • Ange

    I want to mix together different ratios of ex-girl and blue ruin in order to get multiple shades of purple in my hair! It’s my favorite color and I’ve never been really confident on whether or not I’d look good with purple hair, but I want to try anyways! I’m hoping it’ll end up looking like a really wide array of different shades of purple, from very dark to light.

    My email address is

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  • Courtney Whyte

    This is awesome! Blue Ruin and Ex girl have really caught my eye. I’ve been wanting to do a half and half but just on the underneath part of my hair so its really noticeable when I have my hair up.

    My email is

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  • Daria Mø

    I’d love Riot and Steal My Sunshine because they’re both blindingly bright and beautiful shades and I’d totally rock that fire hair everywhere

  • Dannie Larkin⚡

    Blue ruin and ex girl. Want to have a bubble gum/candy look.

  • Shinna Valladares

    I’m almost 18 and have never dyed my hair before so I would love to try it with Hayley and Brian’s dyes! I would love to do something pastel with Ex Girl and Riot! Make it look a little like a sunset. Congrats on 7 years!! My email is

  • Irisse

    Blue Ruin and Red Lobster!! I think it’s a cool tandem of colors because it’s not that dark and not too light at all. I will syle it like an ombre look , I will dye my head top blue and then red at the bottom then I’ll make it faded so it will look a little bit dramatic! btw Happy 7th anniversary!! been following you guys for 3 years now! keep it up :) email:

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    • Irisse

      I replied yesterdayyy! Thank You soooo much :)

  • Jordan Blomfield

    Red lobster and riot! Who can resist that superb misery business hair?! May not be original but it’s the bees knees for sure.

  • Carrie Marsteller

    I would love to mix steal my sunshine, rock lobster, and blue ruin to try and recreate Hayley’s Good Morning America teal and orange hair. It is by far my favorite hair that’s she has had and I would love to try it!!

  • aly

    7 years? That’s crazy. Happy anniversary :) I saw someone do half ex-girl/half Steal My Sunshine and I’ve wanted to try it ever since. It looks beautiful. PS my email address is

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  • Luke Tycksen

    I’d do blue ruin with steal my sunshine tips, all on the the top. My email is

  • Joannie

    Blue Ruin and Ex-Girl. I’ve been craving for these two colors aside from the fact that I wanted to channel my inner Harley Quinn, :) I also wanted have that bold self-expression and stand out. Happy Anniversary! ❤ Let’s all dye happy:)

  • Elisa Silverstein

    I would mix blue ruin and steal my sunshine to get a rad green color! Probably keeping my roots black and dying the rest!! Thanx guys dye happy!

  • Sophie

    I would go for ex-girl and riot pretty much because I’ve been a fan of paramore and Hayley Williams for many years now and I’d love to rock the still into hair or even back to 2007 with the riot hair! m/

  • Hailey Reeves

    I would love to use ‚Ex-Girl’ and ‚Blue Ruin’ because I have always wanted these colors in my hair, but I’ve never had a hair dye that stays in successfully. I saw how pigmented the dye is and how it fades so beautifully and I would just love to have very dark blue and very bright pink hair! I think having these two colors would be so much fun cause it really reflects my moods because there are times I just feel like Coraline, and other times where I want to be more wacky and care free (hence the pink) I also think it’s awesome that GDY is cruelty free!!!

  • Dora Cartagena

    I would love to use Blue Ruin and Steal My Sunshine in my hair because I’ve always wanted a beautiful, neon green in my hair. It would be the most astounding color I’ve ever used in my hair and I’ve only only ever heard good things from GDY so I know I can achieve this color successfully with the dyes!


  • Sylva

    7 years?!?! My goodness, happy anniversary!! How the time flies, right? I would absolutely LOVE to try „Blue Ruin” or „Red Lobster”! I have had many bad experiences with hair dye and when I first heard about Hayley launching her own hairdye brand, I FREAKED. I really hope to try one of her products and prove that there is some GOOD DYE (YOUNG) in this world! Thank you so much, and good luck everyone!!


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    • Sylva


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    • Sylva

      I sent it, did you get it?

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    • Sylva

      No worries! I recieved your email from your private address and replied – did you recieve that one?

    • Yes! :)

  • Sarah L

    Congrats on 7 years!!!!
    I really want to try „Riot” and „Ex-Girl” together! Those two colors seem very versatile and lots of playing can be done with them. I especially want to try a sunset kind of look for the fall, and the college I go to is orange themed, so I really want to be school spirited too!
    My room at home has painted walls going from pink to yellowish orange, so it would be super fun to recreate that’s as well!
    My email is

  • Kristen Dickson

    I would love Blue Ruin and Steal My Sunshine. The two together would make a beautiful teal green oh my gosh. I bet you could even get it to the blue Hayley wore on the Monumentour! I’ve been waiting so patiently for Hayley and Brian to finally release these and I’m so happy they’re here! Good luck to everyone. Make hair fun again!

  • Lord Swagrid

    I would love Rock Lobster and Blue Ruin to make a purple color. I’ve wanted to dye my hair for so long and when I heard that Hayley had her own hair dye line I knew it was the right time to do it.

  • Janet Hernandez

    Having already used these I would
    Love to experiment with Blue Ruin and Ex Girl for a vivid and unique purple
    Or use Riot and Red Lobster to recreate Hayley’s look from Misery Business or Crushcrushcrush

  • Dianna Escalante

    I would use steal my sunshine and blue ruin to create a teal like how Hayley had monumentour,or blue ruin and ex girl to create a type of purple.My email is

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  • Savanah

    Wow – feels like just yesterday your site was born! Congrats on the 7 years! :D I have never dyed my hair before (and have been insanely jealous seeing everyone’s cool GDY creations), so this gives me an opportunity to finally express myself! Hayley’s red hair is still my favorite, so I’d love to try and emulate the queen with Rock Lobster. I’ve been really curious about how Rock Lobster and Ex-Girl would mix, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do that yet, so I’d love to try it out myself! I would mix in the Ex-Girl to create awesome looking highlights! Thank you so much for the giveaway! My email is: :)

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    • Savanah

      Responded! :)

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    • Savanah

      Sometimes my email does funny things. I just resent it! Oh, and to confirm: it went to the contact email for paramore-music!

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    • Savanah

      That’s okay! Emails just tend to act up sometimes! I sent in my response. :)

    • Got it!

  • freya emery

    I would love rock lobster and blue ruin to create a purple kinda colour. And congrats to Hayley and Brian for finally putting this together. My email is

  • Bently Donahay

    I would love to have Riot and Steal My Sunshine to create a look similar to Hayley’s in her photo shoot for Kerrang back in 2010. I love the color and how it looks. I’ve gotten a similar color in my hair before, but I’d love to be able to use Hayley and Brian’s hair dye. My email is:

  • Phoenix

    I would want to have rock lobster and sms to get a miz biz effect going on

  • Gaby Brambila

    Wow, 7 years of bringing me the most… Trustworthy news of my favorite band. Thank you so much for that! And well… To be honest, this is the hardest decision I’ve made in this whole week lol. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 12yo – I’m 18 now. I’ve always liked making my hair fun. different. turn something that can be so boring, common or even ordinary sometimes into something that can make people happy somehow, with bright colors and a lot of creativity you can make that happen. Is actually not that hard, and I know that with GDY that can be beyond possible. I’d love to get Blue Ruin and Rock Lobster to create something like a blue with purplish kinda shades in between. I’d like it to be as bright as possible. Way too bright actually haha (And luckily I know that GDY is a pro for that), besides that I’d love to smell that thing. I’m so curious about the smell everyone’s talking about! And again, congratulations for the anniversary! All the people who rule this page are amazing people! Thank you so much. And well, I really hope to win and try these babies out! ❤ my email address is

  • Dana Piatt

    Already have Blue Ruin and Steal My Sunshine to get hopefully get a forest green for my friend’s wedding (because when you ask if you can match your hair to her wedding colors – purple, blue, green – and she says yes, you take that opportunity). I do have a job that will require me to be able to hide these colors, so a fader would be great for my next choice. I’m thinking Ex-Girl and Riot; my mom should be visiting me soon and she likes to keep a bit of pink in her hair, but she’s created a persimmon color before and maybe she’d like to go for it again. If not, I’m thinking some streaks in the under layers that I can hide, but also show off; and getting to play with the fader would be a new hair dye experience! Email is

  • Rhiannon

    What a cool idea! For my hair, I would use Blue Ruin and Rock Lobster. I would use these to create a multi-layered effect. Sort of a snowball for my hair! I would also apply the fader to create a lighter shade. My email is:

    Thank you for the contest! Best of luck to everyone! III

  • Serena Powell

    I would definitely use the Rock Lobster and Blue Ruin. I would use them to make a „mermaid” effect on my hair, ombre-ing it from blue to purple. I think it’d look fantastic!


  • Hi, thanks for the kind words. Sadly, it’s not always up to us if the giveaway is worldwide open or not. Always trying our best!!

    • from Pmore Pilipinas

      That’s kinda sad but i completely understand! Looking forward to winning worldwide giveaways though :D More power!