Hayley and Brian on the cover of Native Magazine

Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor are on the cover of the third annual Yearbook Issue of Native Magazine. All the pictures used in the magazine taken by Johnathon Kingsbury. Click HERE to open a digital issue of the magazine, read the article and see all the pictures. Starts at page 50.

To help us in our journey toward good hair (and by extension, a good life) is goodDYEyoung, a vegan and cruelty-free hair dye company founded by Paramore’s Hayley Williams and her longtime stylist-bestie-coconspirator Brian O’Connor. The Nashville-owned-and-operated company offers a line of semi-permanent hair color, a lightening kit, color fader, and “Poser Pastes” (if only James Franco had some in the punk episode of Freaks and Geeks) to help you release your inner-whatever. Through goodDYEyoung, Williams and O’Connor hope “to create a community of misfits who support one another through acceptance and understanding.” Can we get these two in Washington already?

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