Hayley for NYLON: I wanted to look like a flame

Hayley Williams is getting ready for this year’s Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival where “Sanctuary of Self-Love” is going to be curated by her. It will be at Plaza 2 at the festival and Hayley talked more about it in a new interview for NYLON Magazine illustrated by Lindsey Byrnes. Click HERE to read the interview and see first photos, click read more to see more pictures and to read a short message from Hayley left on her Instagram.

You wanted to look like a flame.
Yeah, I wanted to look like a flame. And maybe that subconsciously came from journalists saying, „The flame-haired lead singer… spunky Punky Brewster.” I would get those kinds of write-ups about our band. That’s how people would describe me because I had auburn hair.

So you were like, Let’s lean into this.
Yeah. I think, subconsciously, I thought it was kind of cool even though it had also annoyed me that people only focused on my hair. I was like, Focus on the band, the music. It was very… I wanted it to be cool. I wanted to be cool. But I also had fun expressing myself. I didn’t know how to do this hair, so I found a really cool-sounding salon that was local in Franklin[, Tennessee] and it seemed like a lot of young, cool people worked there. This is where I met Brian.

He was 19, and I had just turned 17, or I was about to turn 17… That was the first time that we met and worked together on my hair. Even though, at the time, I wasn’t sure I’d ever see him again, when you see the „Emergency” video, that’s basically what he and the owner of Pink Mullet did. Isn’t that crazy?