New message from Hayley about BNE

Yesterday Paramore were celebrating 7 years of their third studio album release. brand new eyes was available worldwide from 29th of September 2009 and was certified Gold in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, and Indonesia. Hayley Williams wrote a special, short but very important message to people about this special day and events that happened later on in Paramore. It’s posted below.


Paramore’s 3rd album was released on this day 7 years ago. It was a heavy moment in time for us as a group. Even darker for some of us as individuals. The last song we released as a single while we were still a 5-piece band was „Playing God”. There are a lot lyrics I’m really proud of on BNE but these words in particular represent a lot of growth and growing pains. Thank you Brand New Eyes for being a reminder that in this life, pain is inevitable but not final. It reveals purpose. Character. Strength. So… here’s to our growing pains. Just think where we might be in 7 more years. – Hayley