I’m back… Zac Farro is back?!

When Hayley Williams and Taylor York, together with Zac Farro, visited the Warner/Chappell Music in Los Angeles, California yesterday and met with Greg Sowders the speculations began that Zac may be making his official return to Paramore. Here you can see a photo from the meeting.

The Warner/Chappell Music representative, who posted the photo of the trio on Instagram made it even worse for fans by firstly calling Zac a member of Paramore, later editing the post with adding „past” in front of his name and making the note more about HalfNoise… It was weird, it really was confusing.

Now it’s official – Zac Farro is (again) the official member of Paramore!


Paramore have updated their official webpage adding one pretty meaningful sentence and a photo of the newest t-shirt. It says „I’m back” and shows a photo of baby Zac. You can grab the t-shirt here.

The news, a pretty big one, has already been confirmed by two people very close to Paramore. We are so excited to see this happening! We were hoping for it but wouldn’t believe until it has actually happened!