It’s been 10 years! Thank you!

On this day in 2009 we launched this website. We know some of you were expecting a way more exciting news to follow our countdowns but this one is really EXCITING. 🥁⚡️

It’s about dreams, making dreams come true and about people who can help you spread your wings but also about those who let you down. If you have a minute, please read this post and you’ll soon understand why 20th of September is a very important day.

When I discovered Paramore, they were an unknown band in my country. I started blogging about them in 2007, getting to know people who liked their music. About a year later I got engaged into a Paramore related project which, as I was hoping at that time, would lead to a great website. It didn’t worked out, I couldn’t find myself there. But I didn’t give up. I talked with a friend and we decided that Paramore’s new album, “brand new eyes”, would be a perfect moment to start our own website.

There were ups and downs. People coming after us, trying to tell us we couldn’t make this work, that there’s no space for another website about Paramore. It wasn’t easy, especially when you’re young and very passionate. Funny thing is that it wasn’t easy for the first 3 years…

But guess what? We didn’t give up. We had dreams, passion, hopes and we believed that we were able to create a place for Paramore fans from all parts of the world. A friend I am writing about isn’t a part of the team for years but I own him a lot!

You can say that running a fan site isn’t important, isn’t hard… Well… it is a very important part of my life, that’s a fact.

1. I meet so many amazing people thanks to Paramore!
2. I give people who read the website a chance to get closer to the band.
3. I like to believe that I also helped Paramore to spread their music, words and connect with more people.
4. I was able to meet one of my favorite musicians and interview them when I was 18. And did it again two years later.
5. I was working with many companies to create, organize and finance giveaways for Paramore fans from different parts of the world. We were giving away tickets to Paramore shows, their official merch including limited EPs, singles and t-shirts, goodDYEyoung products, signed magazines, photos, posters… And more.
6. I understood that hard work pays off the day I was standing in a line infront of a huge arena, waiting for Paramore to play. That was in 2013. That’s the story I keep recalling when I have bad moments. It was so special! 🤫

In the past 10 years changed a lot. I changed. There were people I let down, there were also people who made their dreams come true because I was able to help them. There are more and more people following the website on social media each day. When Paramore is active, we have an incredible number of views each day.

I am proud of this place, this community, the website (even though we have to introduce some major changes…) I’ve been creating since 2011. I am excited that we are celebrating 10th anniversary today. I really am!!

Why I am writing this all? To tell you that you can make your dreams come true. Doesn’t matter if your dream is to meet your favorite musicians or to launch a company. Everything is possible. You have to work for it, have faith, be surrendered by good people and be lucky.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for your messages, responses and kind words. Thank you for visiting the website, our social media, leaving comments and keeping up with Paramore. Thank you for helping me! Thank you ParamoreFueled By Ramen and Fly South Music Group for being there for us, thank you Mark for always replying. Thank you Warner Music Poland for the campaign we did together in 2017.

I’d like also to say sorry to those I let down in the past 10 years.

I don’t know what the future holds. We are not going anywhere, not yet.

My name is Anna and I am the owner of