Absolute Punk: Most Anticipated of 2012

Absolute Punk: Most Anticipated of 2012

Why We’re Anticipating: Brand New Eyes was a record no one was ready for. We knew Paramore had the chops to write some damn good songs, but they weren’t just a scene pop-punk now. With the release of Brand New Eyes they became a certifiable rock band. Hayley showed unparalleled power in her vocal performance and delivered a Grammy nomination for „The Only Exception.” The album was so dynamic that it was widely accepted from all kinds of critics. The band then released the Singles Club EP, which flew under the radar as it was not heavily promoted but nonetheless a great release. 2012 will be another big year of touring for Paramore in support of a new album.

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Street Style Photoshoot – Hayley Williams for Under the Guise

Yesterday, using Twitter profile, Hayley Williams informed that she had a couple photos taken in Nashville by a street style photographer. Later on Williams decided to carify the situation: „The lady asked me to be in her column,” wrote Hayley. The author of this photoshoot is Heidi Jewell –  Under the Guise. Click on thumbnail below to see the photoshoot!

Jeremy and Kathryn in front of camera – new photoshoot!

A few days ago Jeremy Davis changed his Twitter profile photo. It seems that is was a short pre-view of a new photoshoot! Paramore basist and his wife, Katryn, stood in front of Solomon Davis‚ camera. Are you curious about the results? Click on thumbnails below to see the photoshoot!

Hayley Williams speaks out on new material

In a tweet replay Hayley Williams said about writing process for new album. Paramore lead vocalist grants that everyting is going „great” and the band is „having a lot of fun with these songs.” Speaking on BBC Radio 1 in late 2011, Hayley said „We’re about to start writing it [the next album]. We’re getting down to the core of refreshing our band. We’re hoping to have the record out early next year, so hopefully we’ll start to record it at the end of 2011.”

Hayley Williams chills with Chad Gilbert

Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert were spotted out and about in the cafe, probably, in the mall during or just after Holiday break. Date of the photo is unknown. Click on thumbnail below to see the photo!


2012: MTV’s Year of the Hero

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2012 is set to be a monumental year. Welcome in the year where Heroes and Heroines from all walks of life with be made and celebrated, we’re asking viewers of MTV Music, MTV Base, MTV Hits, MTV Rocks and MTV Dance to crown their modern-day music heroes! Now it’s up to you, the trusty MTV viewer, to vote for your favourites. There’s no limit to the amount of categories you can vote in so get checking out the lists below right now and let your voice be heard.

Tune into MTV Music on February 4th for a glittering countdown ceremony to see which artists you’ve voted to become MTV music heroes.

Unseen Paramore Photoshoot Outtakes from Alternative Press!

Take a step back to 2011 and you may remember some of these radiant photos Paramore did with photographer Lindsey Byrnes.Tthere’s now some never before seen outtakes from the photoshoot for Alternative Press! Many thanks to Nath Fray for posting them! You can see Paramore’s Alternative Press Photoshoot Outtakes over in the Facebook gallery or click on thumbnail below!

Shorty Awards – vote for Paramore!

The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media, recognizing the people and organizations producing real-time short form content on across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, and the rest of the social Web. You can vote for Paramore and Hayley Williams in the following categories Celebrity, Band, Music and Singer. You may also vote for Paramore-Music.com in the category FansiteThe winners are picked by the Real Time Academy and the winners are announced at a ceremony in New York City.

New York Post’s Best Songs of 2011

Congratulations to Hayley Williams and Weezer! Their cover of ‘Rainbow Connection’ landed at #30 on the New York Post’s list of the Top 100 Songs Of 2011! Go here to see the full list! Would you like to find out more about the song? Check out our „Soundtrack” section for more information.

Holiday Greetings Card

Fueled By Ramen got from Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert a postcard that was made personally by the couple. In this way, Williams and Gilbert sent their holiday greetings and shared previously unknown photo. Click on the photo to see it bigger!