New ParamoreBand post

Hayley Williams wrote a new post on ParamoreBand Live Journal. The lead singer of Paramore wrote a few words about „Renegade” and the official statement that was posted yesterday. She also decided to comment on LiveJournal and the way in which it should unite Paramore fans. Click „read more” to read Hayley’s post!

“Paramore: Vitals Statistics” – Mind Control Symbolism in Music Videos

MTV UK’s “Paramore: Vital Statistics” is “Pop-Up Video” type show featuring Paramore music videos alongside facts about the band. During the video for „Brick By Boring Brick” a pop-up box says:

“What disturbing subject does this video show?”

Then the next box says:

“This video contains lots of mind control symbolism? As often seen with Lady Gaga and Rihanna too. See if you can spot them?”

The official statement about a brand new songs!

Initially, the official announcment about the name of a fourth song wrote by Paramore in March 2011 was available only for the Official Paramore Fan Club Members, but an hour ago Hayley Williams decided to confirm via her Twitter profile the title for everyone.

Together with „Monster,” „Renegade,” and „In The Mourning” Paramore recorded a song titled… „Hello Cold World”! Pre-order for „Paramore Singles Club” starts today.

edit: Now, we all are able to read the official announcment about „Paramore Singles Club!” Click „read more” to read it and find out the price of the packages as well as the dates of releasing „In The Mourning” and „Hello Cold World”!

Taylor & Dakotah and Hayley & Chad

A brand new photo taken on September 30th, after the wedding ceremony of Jeremy Davis and Kathryn Camsey was made available. This time we have an opportunity to see Taylor York with Dakotah Rae, Hayley’s best friend as well as Kathryn and Patrick. Another new photo shows Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert:

Dakotah Rae shares photo with Taylor

Dakotah Rae, Hayley’s best friend, posted on her Facebook profile a photo taken with Taylor York. As this is not a first time when Dakotah shares with the other people her private photo with Taylor York, there is a rumor that Dakotah and Taylor are dating.

Hayley Williams’ Tour Diary Part 6

Hayley Williams agreed to write a special series of tour diary parts especially for Paper Magazine. In the first part Hayley writes about the Warped Tour, in the second part about being at The Pacific Rim Tour in Hong Kong, while in the third part the lead vocalist of Paramore shares with the readers her experiences from Bali. In the fourth, Hayley writes about Jakarta and in the fifth about Singapour. Together with the entry, ‘Hayley Williams’ Tour Diary Part 6: The End of the Road’, Hayley shares her experiences from Hawii, the last stop of the short  tour. As always, a new album of photos taken by Lindsey Byrnes is made available. Click “read more” to read the entry and click on the pics below to see them bigger!

Halloween themed items from Paramore!

Halloween themed items from Paramore are now available! Check out The Fueled By Ramen Webstoreto see brand new a Hayley Williams ‚Wig,’ Halloween colored water bottles and a new t-shirt design created by CharlaVail. What is more, you can get 10% off Halloween themed designs in the webstore through October 10th!

REMINDER: Vote for Paramore!

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The 2011 MTV European Music Awards is going to be held in Belfast on November 6. The list of nominees was announced and with it a great news for Paramore fans! The band has a chance to take home statuette for „Biggest Fans”! We, so Paramore fans, have to beat Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and 30 Seconds To Mars fans. It is not an easy challenge, but we can do this!

If y’all don’t win this, I’ll just be so so sad. You guys deserve this one more than anything we’ve ever been nominated for as a band – wrote Hayley.

Haute Living reveals wedding detials

A brand new article added on October 2nd on Haute Living‚s website reveals details about Jeremy’s wedding. According to the article, Hayley Williams, together with Taylor York, arrived at the hotel to celebrate the wedding of Jeremy Davis and Kathryn Camsey (already, Kathryn Davis). „The couple held their rehearsal dinner on Thursday night at Hard Rock’s 35 Steaks + Martinis restaurant” – says the article. After the wedding ceremony, Jeremy, Kathryn, Hayley and Taylor „returned to the hotel for a dinner celebration at Johnny Smalls restaurant.” But according to the official information, members of Paramore were not the only quests invited to the ceremony.

Management about a new song

A couple of hours ago, we received an e-mail from Paramore’s management. The message is about a snippet that has been circulating online for the past three days and is entitled: „Paramore New 2011 Leaked Clip.”

According to the information from the management, the snippet „has nothing to do with Paramore” and it is not one of the new songs that are going to be release later this year. If you did not come across the snippet, click „read more” to hear it.