Hayley visiting Gallery 1988

On September 2nd, the opening reception for Gallery 1988‘s Garbage Pail Kids tribute art show in conjunction with The Hundreds and Topps was held in Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert decided to visit the exhibition and according to The Hundreds Hayley bought the piece of art that’s „pure tragedy„.  „That’s why Hayley likes it: “Because it’s sad!”, we can read on The Hundereds website. Click on the pics below to see Hayley’s piece of art.

Hayley posted on Paramore.net

Actually, it was enough to check tags attached to the first video footage entitled „From the Field” posted on Fueled By Ramen’s YouTube profile. If you did it, there is nothing new for you. If you did not, you can be positively surprised or just make yourself sure that you were right. Today, Hayley Williams posted on Paramore.net a note titled „Renegade” where the details about one of the songs recorded together with Rob Cavallo are revealed.

Founder of FBR talks about Paramore

Mike Ragogna, a journalist from the Huffington Post had an opportunity to talked to John Janick, Fueled By Ramen founder. The interview was connected with Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary. Janick answers the question about Paramore being on The Transformers Soundtrack saying that although the soundtrack was being released by Warner Brothers the band recorded a single „Monster” because „they’re one of our flagship artists, so we’re very active in marketing it to make sure that Paramore is supported.” What’s more, Janick talks about the story of the signing of Paramore.

‚From The Field: Milwaukee’ on PNN

click on the photo to see the video!

Fueled By Ramen and MTV.com present…

Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary is very close! As you well know, the birthday series of concerts are going to be held in famous but small, if we are looking at the occasion, Manhattan’s Terminal 5. For those of you who are not able to be in New York City for this momentous concerts the Fueled By Ramen and MTV.com have a special offer. Watch the Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary Concert: Paramore Live livestream Wednesday, Sept. 7, on MTV.com! Are you ready to riot together with Paramore and their record label?

Hayley Williams’ Tour Diary Part 3

Hayley Williams agreed to write a special series of tour diary parts especially for Paper Magazine. In the first part Hayley writes about the Warped Tour, in the second part  about being at The Pacific Rim Tour in Hong Kong, while in the third part (available now) the lead vocalist of Paramore shares with the readers her experiences from Bali. Together with the entry, ‚Hayley Williams’ Tour Diary Part 3: Joining the Ranks of Iron Maiden’, brand new four photos taken by Lindsey Byrnes in China were made available. Click “read more” to read the entry and click on the pics below to see them bigger!

“Monster” on Billboard Charts!

Eleven weeks ago “Monster” debuted on Billboard Hot 100. After the release of the music video the song started to gain higher positions. Now, on the chart of  the Alternative Songs “Monster” is #24 (-1) but there is also a great news! On the chart of the Rock Songs the single is at #38 what means it is two positions higher coperting to the previous week!

Taylor hanging out at Carissa Moore’s birthday party

After the show in Honolulu, Taylor York decided to stay in Hawaii for a little while. The lead guitarist of Paramore together with his brother, Justin York, was spending time surfing accompanied by an Hawaiian surfer and the 2011 ASP Women’s World Tour Champion, Carissa Moore. On August 27th, Taylor together with Justin York and Dakotah Rae, Hayley’s best friend, attented Carissa’s birthday party. Click on the pic below to see the video!

Hayley & Chad with Bas Rutten

An hour ago, Bas Rutten, a retired Dutch mixed martial artist, Karate and Taekwondo blackbelt, and kickboxer, posted a photo taken together with Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert. “Chad Gilbert, his girl, Kenny, Rulon Gardner, Ben Henderson, Bassito, what a group!” – wrote Bas. Nice to see you Hayley!

Taylor and Hayley with Dakotah Rae

A few hours ago, Dakotah Rae, Hayley’s best friend, posted on her Facebook profile a photo taken in Hawaii. In the photo, along with the guitarist of Paramore, Taylor York, we can see Justin York, Carissa Moore and people from Paramore’s crew. After posting the first photo, Dakotah posted another one with Hayley: