„Interiors, Inc.” with Taylor airs in March!

HGTV informs that the first season of “Interiors, Inc.”, their home makeover TV show, which will feature Paramore guitarist Taylor York is going to be air on March 17th at 9:30 pm e/p and at 12:30 am e/p! „Taylor York, the lead guitarist for the rock group Paramor has a living toom with a cold, not-lived-in feeling. Ben and Katie transform the room reflect his personality, taste, and lifestyle. On another project, Jonathan and Brad update a great room,” says the descrption of the episode.


Happy Birthday Dear Jeremy!

It’s today! We may all sing as loud as possible “Happy Birthday to You!” Today, the bassist of Paramore, Jeremy Davis, celebrates 27th birthday! We wish you a lot of great moments with your wife Kat, family and friends, inspiration that never ends, faith in dreams, and… lots of hamburgers… Best wishes!

Paramore won Year Of The Hero!

2012 is set to be a monumental year. Viewers of MTV Music, MTV Base, MTV Hits, MTV Rocks and MTV Dance crowned their modern-day music heroes! We are happy to announce the winner of 2012: MTV’s Year of the Hero… Congratulations to Paramore for winning this title! It’s going to be a great year!

Paramore headed home

A week in Los Angeles is officially over. Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy met record producers and now it’s time to make decisions. On Twitter profile, the band wrote that it’s gonna be a time of „tough decisions to make.” Let’s keep your fingers crossed for good decisions!

Paramore.net post: A Week In Los Angeles

Hayley Williams posted a new blog on paramore.net about a week in Los Angeles! “So far we’ve gotten a lot of incredible feedback on the batch of songs we’ve been showing to producers,” wrote Hayley. What’s more, the band posted more photos taken in Malibu. Click “read more” to read a full post and click on the thumbnail  to see the photos!

Paramore met with producer Justin Meldal-Johnson!

Just as promised, Paramore just posted a new video showing meeting with producer Justin Meldal-Johnson! Click on thumbnail below to see the video!

Paramore having lunch in Paradise Cove

It seems that Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy are having a lot of fun in Los Angeles. During breaks in the looking for the producer, the band found time to have lunch on the beach in Malibu. The band visited „Paradise Cove.” Click on thumbnail below to see the photos!

Hayley Williams on the list of the best female vocalists!

Year after year the biggest Polish magazine about rock music, Teraz Rock, make a plebiscite called “Teraz Rock Najlepsi. The aim of the list is to find out what kind of artists and bands were the most popular in a given year. On the list of “The Best Female Vocalists” Hayley Williams is at #5! She won over Amy Lee, Skin or Sharon den Adel. Congrats Hayley!

VH1’s Greatest Female Artist of all time list

VH1 is choosing „The Greatest Female Artist of All Time.” Hayley Williams is one of nominees in the Pop Artist category. She is up against Adele, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Lady GaGa and many more. You can vote for Hayley here. The 100 Greatest Women in Music list will be presented live on Monday, February 13, only on VH1.

Paramore looking for the producer in Los Angeles

Just as promised, Paramore just posted a new set of photos taken in Los Angeles. The band flew to Los Angeles to find the producer for the new album! „Listening to one of our demos and getting ready for a big big day! 2 meetings. I’ll have my little video cam in tow.,” says the newest message left by Hayley on Paramore’s Twitter profile. Yesterday, the band had a meeting with one producer. On today are further meetings planned. Click on thumbnail below to see the photos!