Paramore Singles’ Club Vinyls!

For those of you who have not decided to order Singles Club Digital Songs + 7″ Box Set, the box set that includes four pieces of 7″ colored vinyl total, one 7″ for each of the songs plus a 7″ of the song ‘Monster,’ we have photos of these special vinyls. Which do you like most?

(c) ri-monster.tumblr

(c) ri-monster.tumblr

Paramore talk Hayley Williams’ Cosmo cover

The cover of #282 issue of Alternative Press Magazine belongs to Paramore! The magazine decided to make avilable the second exclusive interview outtake. This time, Hayley Williams discusses her „Cosmo Magazine” cover and Taylor York and Jeremy Davis talk about why they’re completely fine not being the center of attention. Click on the photos below to see more scans. Click here to read an extract!

Hayley Williams presents her brand new hair colours

Three days ago, using Twitter account, Hayley Williams shared with Paramore fans an information about fixing up hair colors – Fixin up my hair colorz… THANK. GOOD. NESS., she wrote. Today the lead singer of Paramore decided to present her brand new hair colors to the world. What was the reaction of people? In many cases, unfortunately, was not positive.

MTV Best Live Performance 2011 – the results

We are very happy being able to let you know that thanks to your votes Paramore performance during „Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary Concert” with the single „Brick By Boring Brick” is placed at #2 position on MTV’s list of MTV Best Live Performance 2011! Great job, guys!

Unpublished parts of interview for Alternative Press Magazine

Paramore are on the cover of #282 issue of Alternative Press Magazine. The magazine has now posted unpublished parts of interview where Hayley WIlliams discussed the idea of home and how important Warped Tour is to Paramore roots and mindset. Check out the full article here.

Vote For Your Favorite 2011 MTV Live Performance!

Click to vote for Paramore!

The year 2011 featured unforgettable MTV musical performances, from big nights that included the concerts like Paramore at the „Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary Concert: Paramore Live.” As 2011 draws to a close, the music experts at MTV News, and Buzzworthy have narrowed down hundreds of MTV live musical performances from 2011 to a carefully curated list of the 16 best performances. And it’s up to you to vote and decide on the best MTV live performance of 2011. Check out the nominees and vote for the best 2011 MTV live performances after the jump, watch highlights from the best MTV live performances of 2011, and stay tuned for the results!

Unreleased Paramore live shot

Ethan Luck, photographer and friend of Paramore members decided to made available two photos taken in Spring of 2010 when the band was touring with Relient K and fun. I couldn’t decide between these next two photos, so I figured I would give you a double shot.  I don’t think any live photo I shot of Paramore was actually used, however, these two were my favorites, wrote Ethan. Click on the photo below to see the second one!

Hear the final studio version of „In The Mourning”!

The final studio version of „In The Mourning” is now available for the members of the Singles Club! The single was recorded in March 2011 together with songs like “Monster,” “Renegade,” and “Hello Cold World” and is being published as a part of “Paramore Singles Club”. What is your opinion about the single? Which song of „Paramore Singles Club” is your favourite one?

Kathryn Davis and Hayley Williams – the wedding photoshoot

On September 30th Jeremy Davis and Kathryn Camsey tied the knot. A few days after the wedding, Kathryn Davis promised to share more photos taken that day. Month after the wedding, using Twitter profile, Jeremy’s wife made available seven photos taken that day by Salomon Davis, Jeremy’s brother. Today, the Internet, was fill in with the photo taken Kathryn and Hayley Williams and a few more! Click on the photos below to see the gallery!

New post written by Hayley


I remember when this was every other band’s crowd. We opened the show and we got about 15 minutes each night to prove ourselves. The night’s that we spent wondering if anyone even cared enough to at least say hi when they passed by our merch booth on their way out the door. And all the times that I ended up just giving away t-shirts because counting dollars and change in front of people makes me nervous… it STILL makes me nervous.

Now, when we drive up to venues, I see our band’s name on the marquee. The same band that practiced in Jeremy’s living room ‘til his parents said we needed to go home. A lot of times there’s already a line of people waiting for doors to open. And we always always get to play an encore. (Well, what do you expect when we save our biggest song for dead last, haha).

Maybe I should’ve written this on Thanksgiving…? I feel so blessed, so empowered, and so loved by all of our fans. Thank you for giving us a constant reason to be grateful. I never want anyone to be able to say that we don’t realize what we have. So, every now and then, just expect to see me get all sappy and lovey dovey and let you all know that we feel you here with us all the time. Love you wonderful people!!

– Hayley (December 4, 2011)