Paramore met with producer Justin Meldal-Johnson!

Just as promised, Paramore just posted a new video showing meeting with producer Justin Meldal-Johnson! Click on thumbnail below to see the video!

Paramore having lunch in Paradise Cove

It seems that Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy are having a lot of fun in Los Angeles. During breaks in the looking for the producer, the band found time to have lunch on the beach in Malibu. The band visited „Paradise Cove.” Click on thumbnail below to see the photos!

Hayley Williams on the list of the best female vocalists!

Year after year the biggest Polish magazine about rock music, Teraz Rock, make a plebiscite called “Teraz Rock Najlepsi. The aim of the list is to find out what kind of artists and bands were the most popular in a given year. On the list of “The Best Female Vocalists” Hayley Williams is at #5! She won over Amy Lee, Skin or Sharon den Adel. Congrats Hayley!

VH1’s Greatest Female Artist of all time list

VH1 is choosing „The Greatest Female Artist of All Time.” Hayley Williams is one of nominees in the Pop Artist category. She is up against Adele, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Lady GaGa and many more. You can vote for Hayley here. The 100 Greatest Women in Music list will be presented live on Monday, February 13, only on VH1.

Paramore looking for the producer in Los Angeles

Just as promised, Paramore just posted a new set of photos taken in Los Angeles. The band flew to Los Angeles to find the producer for the new album! „Listening to one of our demos and getting ready for a big big day! 2 meetings. I’ll have my little video cam in tow.,” says the newest message left by Hayley on Paramore’s Twitter profile. Yesterday, the band had a meeting with one producer. On today are further meetings planned. Click on thumbnail below to see the photos!


The Hottest Women in Music 2011: Vote for Hayley!

After winning a first stage of NME’s „The Hottest Women in Music 2011” plebiscite, Hayley Williams needs your votes to beat Amy Lee from Evanescence, Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine, Marina Diamandis from Marina and the Dianmonds and Katy Perry. Click here to vote for Hayley!

Paramore a part of „How To Pack Like A Rock Star” book

Hayley Williams: How to Pack Like A Rock Star

Some of you might remember Tegan and Sara, a band that used to be a support before Paramore shows. Shaun Huberts, bassist for the band, during the Honda Civic Tour was writing a book called How To Pack Like A Rock Star. Not so long ago, photographer Robyn Jamieson leaked out some names of „big stars” she met to do the photoshoot for the book. She said that Paramore have contributed to this book and now a first photo was made available!


Paramore hanging out with friends

What is a first thing to do when you are in Los Angeles? Hanging out with old good friends. Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York decided to spend their first evening in Los Angeles bowling with a group of friends – Brandi Cyrus, Michelle Moore and Rick Seibold and more. Post: Heading To Los Angeles

Paramore just posted a new blog on about heading out to Los Angeles next week to find the producer for the new album! „We are headed to Los Angeles next week to meet with a whole mess of really incredible producers,” says the post. What’s more, the band made a promise to record the whole process of meetings, recording sessions and more! Click „read more” to read a full post!

The Hottest Women in Music 2011

Readers of NME Magazine made their choices! Hayley Williams is awarded with a title of „The Hottest Woman in Music 2011”! Lead vocalist of Paramore won over Amy Lee (#2), Florence Welch (#3) during the first stage of voting! Wanna see Top 20? Visit Congrats Hayley!