Then & Now: Twilight Singles by FUSE

Which Twilight single is best?

Paramore – „Decode” (2008)
Death Cab for Cutie – „Meet Me on the Equinox” (2009)
Muse – „Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)” (2010)
Bruno Mars – „It Will Rain” (2011)

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Paramore is heading into the studio?

Paramore is heading into the studio? A photo posted on may suggest that Hayley Williams and Taylor York are back in the recording studio! A new album is awaited not only by fans but also by music industry. The album is officialy named as Most Anticipated of 2012.

Hayley Williams got decorated!

Yesterday, on January 26th, Hayley Williams visited a private tattoo studio in Nashville, TN called „Ian White Tattoos”. A new, as for now the biggest tattoo, on Hayley’s body represents roses and small flowers. What do you think? Do you like it? Go here to check out the video posted by Hayley!

Taylor York to show off his home

 Chicago Tribune informs that the first season of “Interiors, Inc.”, a home makeover TV show appearing on HGTV, will feature Paramore guitarist Taylor York! An episode of HGTV’s new interior design series, “Interiors, Inc.” with Taylor York is likely to premiere in the middle of February.

Hayley Williams with friends

Kalle Luck, posted on her Twitter profile a photo taken with Hayley Williams and Mindy White. „We love awkward photos,” says a comment to the photo. Friends look beautifully, right?

Hayley Williams Caught Up In Tornado Scare

Paramore star Hayley Williams was given a scare on Sunday night (22Jan12) after a  tornado warning was issued for her hometown in Tennessee.The Nashville area has been battered by storms over the weekend (21-22Jan12), and weather experts put a tornado watch in place. Williams was worried for her safety and in a post on her Twitter page in the early hours on Monday morning (23Jan12), she writes, „Right on cue with the tornado warning… Glad I gotta (sic) basement.”

Paramore live at Sonisphere Festival 2012?

If you came across an information about Paramore being a potential headliner of Sonisphere Festival 2012, a touring music festival which takes place across Europe between July and August, you might be interested in this information. Paramore’s management, asked about the band performance, denied the information and clearly emphasized that’s not gonna happen.

Absolute Punk: Most Anticipated of 2012

Absolute Punk: Most Anticipated of 2012

Why We’re Anticipating: Brand New Eyes was a record no one was ready for. We knew Paramore had the chops to write some damn good songs, but they weren’t just a scene pop-punk now. With the release of Brand New Eyes they became a certifiable rock band. Hayley showed unparalleled power in her vocal performance and delivered a Grammy nomination for „The Only Exception.” The album was so dynamic that it was widely accepted from all kinds of critics. The band then released the Singles Club EP, which flew under the radar as it was not heavily promoted but nonetheless a great release. 2012 will be another big year of touring for Paramore in support of a new album.

Source: Most Anticipated of 2012

Street Style Photoshoot – Hayley Williams for Under the Guise

Yesterday, using Twitter profile, Hayley Williams informed that she had a couple photos taken in Nashville by a street style photographer. Later on Williams decided to carify the situation: „The lady asked me to be in her column,” wrote Hayley. The author of this photoshoot is Heidi Jewell –  Under the Guise. Click on thumbnail below to see the photoshoot!

Jeremy and Kathryn in front of camera – new photoshoot!

A few days ago Jeremy Davis changed his Twitter profile photo. It seems that is was a short pre-view of a new photoshoot! Paramore basist and his wife, Katryn, stood in front of Solomon Davis‚ camera. Are you curious about the results? Click on thumbnails below to see the photoshoot!