Happy Birthday Dear Hayley!

It’s today! We may all sing as loud as possible “Happy Birthday to You!” Today, the lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams, celebrates 23rd birthday! We wish you a lot of great moments with your family and friends, inspiration that never ends, faith in dreams, boundless faith in the power of music and in people… All the best, Hayley!!

Pacific Rim Tour 2011

Click here to see the video!

Hayley Williams singing backups on new Chad’s songs

Hayley Williams’ boyfriend, Chad Gilbert posted on his Twitter profile a short video that presents Hayley and Natalie Taylor singing backups for one of his new songs off „What’s Eating Gilbert.” The short video allows us to see Hayley’s new hair colours once again. Click read more to see the video!

Hayley Williams is the Sexiest Female!

Fifth time in a row, the readers of Kerrang! Magazine decided that Hayley Williams is the Sexiest Female vocalist of the year! „Our Pandora was not at all happy when we plucked up that courage to tell her she didn’t make the grade this year. But Hayley’s just as cool as our lady in red. And if she’s good enough for Chad Gilbert…,” says the caption under the list. Congratulations, Hayley!

The Paramore-Music.com Contests Club – Contest #2 [winner]

The Paramore-Music.com Contests Club Contest #2 – the winner

…and the winner of the Paramore-Music.com Contests Club Contest #2 is… Magda Jaskulska! The second place goes to… Tomasz Drogokupiec! Magda won 2010 Summer Tour EP and a set of photos, Tomasz won Paramore Tea-Cup and a set of photos. Congratulations!!

We would like to thank all the participants – guys, you put a lot of work into creating such amazing scripts/storyboards! We appreciate it! Thanks for visiting Paramore-Music.com,  positive comments and support.

MTV Brasil – 100 Best Videos of 2011

To celebrate the end of the year, MTV Brasil selected the 100 Best Videos of the Year. The videoclip for Paramore’s single „Monster” from the The Singles Club limited-edition box set, is placed at #40 position. The clip defeated Red Hot Chili Peppers’ „The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie,” Avril Lavigne’s „What The Hell” and 30 Seconds To Mars’ „This Is War.”

Paramore Singles’ Club Vinyls!

For those of you who have not decided to order Singles Club Digital Songs + 7″ Box Set, the box set that includes four pieces of 7″ colored vinyl total, one 7″ for each of the songs plus a 7″ of the song ‘Monster,’ we have photos of these special vinyls. Which do you like most?

(c) ri-monster.tumblr

(c) ri-monster.tumblr

Paramore talk Hayley Williams’ Cosmo cover

The cover of #282 issue of Alternative Press Magazine belongs to Paramore! The magazine decided to make avilable the second exclusive interview outtake. This time, Hayley Williams discusses her „Cosmo Magazine” cover and Taylor York and Jeremy Davis talk about why they’re completely fine not being the center of attention. Click on the photos below to see more scans. Click here to read an extract!

Hayley Williams presents her brand new hair colours

Three days ago, using Twitter account, Hayley Williams shared with Paramore fans an information about fixing up hair colors – Fixin up my hair colorz… THANK. GOOD. NESS., she wrote. Today the lead singer of Paramore decided to present her brand new hair colors to the world. What was the reaction of people? In many cases, unfortunately, was not positive.

MTV Best Live Performance 2011 – the results

We are very happy being able to let you know that thanks to your votes Paramore performance during „Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary Concert” with the single „Brick By Boring Brick” is placed at #2 position on MTV’s list of MTV Best Live Performance 2011! Great job, guys!