‚Jeremy at the driving range’

Jeremy Davis golfing at the Driving range in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Announcement

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At the beginning of the year Paramore visited South America, this summer discovered new lands in Europe and returned to Warped Tour. Now, the band is in Asia. We encourage all who participated in this year’s shows to write your own reports!

Fans are waiting … in Jakarta

In the next tens minutes Paramore will begin to rock in Carnaval Beach Ancol  in Jakarta. At 5PM [local time] the band met with members of the Official Fan Club as a part of so-called Meet & Greet. Photos of the queue of fans waiting for the show can be seen below! How long you was waiting in the queue to see Paramore live?

“Monster” on Billboard Charts!

Nine weeks ago “Monster” debuted on Billboard Hot 100. After the release of the music video the song started to gain higher positions. Now, on the chart of  the Alternative Songs “Monster” is #24 (+1) and on the chart of the Rock Songs the single is at #44 (+2)!

Zara Thomas talks with Hayley Williams

On August 21. Paramore return to Singapore. Zara Thomas, I-S‚s journalist, asked Hayley Williams a few questions that were being published today on is.asia-city.com website. Williams talks about new songs: „The couple of songs we’ve written are in line with what we’ve been doing for some time now”, last record she bought: „The Dangerous Summer’s War Paint, I love the vocals and there’s something so nostalgic and soulful about the songs”, plans for the show in Singapore…

‚From The Field: Montreal’ on PNN

The Pacific Rim Tour: Bali

Forty minutes ago, Paramore left the stage in Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali, Indonesia. According to the source, when Taylor finished drinking he thrown his bottle to the audience and [by accident] a boy, Matt, got hit on his head. To apologize Matt the band asked him and his girlfriend, Roxy, on stage while ‚Misery Business.’ Not only Matt and Roxy were invited on stage. Hayley invited several people. Do not forget check out Tour section for more information about the setlist! Click on the pic below to see the gallery!

Paramore at Press Conference

On August 15th Paramore attended a special press conference held in Bali, Indonesia. The conference was organized by ShowMaxx Entertainment, Paramore’s promoter in Indonesia. The first photos are now available in our gallery together with photos taken at the Ngurah Rai airport. Click on the small pics below! On Wednesday Paramore is going to perform in Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali.

Listen: “Rainbow Connection” by Hayley

On August 23 Muppets: The Green Album is going to be officially released. The album will feature new music from Weezer and Hayley Williams of Paramore. The old friends recorded together song titled “Rainbow Connection”. Yesterday, NPR Music made available Muppets: The Green Album for the first listen. Click here to listen!

The Pacific Rim Tour: Hong Kong

A few hours ago Paramore played their first show this year’s The Pacific Rim Tour. The tour kicked off in Hong Kong‚s AsiaWorld-Expo Hall 8. The band played such hits as ‚Misery Buiness,’ ‚That’s What You Get,’ ‚Brick By Boring Brick,’ ‚The Only Exception’ and of course new single, ‚Monster.’ For more information about the show check out Tour section! Click on the pic below to see the gallery!