Buy now Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary Book & DVD!

The preorder for the Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary Book & DVD started yestarday! Click below to preorder one of 1,500 copies of this limited-edition piece of Fueled By Ramen history. The 100-page book is filled with photos and stories from the first 15 years of Fueled By Ramen and the DVD includes live performances from the first night of our 15th Anniversary concerts in New York City – we can read on Fueled By Ramen Facebook profile. On the DVD, Paramore only have two live performances, with „That What’s You Get” and „Here We Go Again.”

Hayley joined the PFC Chat!

On November 8th, Hayley Williams finally found the time to visit the Paramore Fan Club Chat. One of the members of the PFC recorded a video with a title „I told Hayley there was a spider behind her.” The video shows not only Hayley’s reaction but also her brand new haircut. Click „read more” to see the video!

Hayley Williams’ new haircut!

This time for Hayley Williams, it was not enough to change hair color. It was also not enough to do a small change. For such a long time Hayley was claiming that she would like to shave her head. And now, she finally did! Maybe not exactly… Click on the photo below to see a new Hayley’s haircut!

Paramore is heading into the studio!

In a Twitter posting three hours ago Hayley Williams said that the band is coming back to the studio today! Hope you are ready for some more new stuff from Paramore, because it seems that the band is finally heading into the studio to record a new album!

Paramore’s new song now available!

Paramore’s brand new song, „Hello Cold World”, is now available! The single was recorded in March 2011 together with songs like “Monster,” “Renegade,” and “In The Mourning” and is being published as a part of “Paramore Singles Club”. What is your opinion about the single? Do you like it more than „Renegade”?

Paramore at the 2011 MTV European Music Awards?

Despite the nomination and a huge chance to win, Paramore will not be present at the 2011 MTV European Music Awards. Paramore’s record label, Fueled By Ramen, officialy stated that the band is at home and will not fly to Belfast, Ireland to attend the ceremony on November 6th. Paramore has a chance to win a statuette for „Biggest Fans.”

The Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary Book & DVD

The pre-order for the Fueled By Ramen15th Anniversary Book & DVD will start Tuesday, November 8th! The album will be available to buy exclusively in The Fueled By Ramen Webstore! More details on this limited-edition book and DVD coming soon.

„I actually got to write a little piece in the FBR15 Book and it made me really nervous but I’m extremely proud of it… Hope you all pick it up and enjoy learning about the Fueled By Ramen family,” wrote Hayley.

The Contests Club – Contest #1 [winner]

The Contests Club Contest #1 – the winner

…and the winner of the Contests Club Contest #1 is… Kitti! The second place goes to… Ena!

We would like to thank all the participants – guys, you put a lot of work into creating such amazing single art covers! We appreciate it! Thanks for visiting

The official „Hello Cold World” preview!

The official preview of Paramore’s new song, „Hello Cold World”, was made available for those who have already joined the Paramore Singles Club. The 30-seconds of the song very quickly spread to the Internet. The full version of „Hello Cold World” will be released on November 7th. What do you think?

Hayley Williams wishes Happy Halloween

„I actually think people look more like themselves on Halloween,” says Hayley who decided to wish „Happy Halloween” to all Paramore fans dressed up as… Chucky Doll – also known as „The Lakeshore Strangler”, the main antagonist in the Child’s Play horror film series! Do you like a brand new Hayley’s Halloween style?