Taylor is back from Hawaii

After the show in Honolulu, Taylor York decided to stay in Hawaii for a little while. The lead guitarist of Paramore together with his brother, Justin York, was spending time surfing accompanied by an Hawaiian surfer and the 2011 ASP Women’s World Tour Champion, Carissa Moore. Now, when Taylor got back home he is asking himself:

Hayley in Alernative Press

As the part of the advertisement of Fueled By Ramen 15 Anniversary, in the brand new issue of Alternative Press Magazine previously unseen Hayley’s photos taken in 2009 was published. Do you remember Paramore bowling photoshoot that was being published in October 2009 issue?

Surfing in Hawaii

Awesome day of surfing in Hawaii with world champion @rissmoore10!

Awesome day of surfing in Hawaii with world champion @rissmoore10!

The wonderful Miss Anne & Hayley

On April 23th, Hayley Williams attented her dad’s wedding. On the guest list, as the photographer, was also Ryan Russell, man who at one time was tourning with Paramore and was responsible for the series of photoshoots. After the ceremony Hayley and Ryan met with Miss Anne. The result could be seen below:

RIP Miss Anne. Love you forever! Photo by the wonderful and loverly Mr. Ryan Russell.

‚From The Field: Hartford’ on PNN

“Monster” on Billboard Charts!

Ten weeks ago “Monster” debuted on Billboard Hot 100. After the release of the music video the song started to gain higher positions. Now, on the chart of  the Alternative Songs “Monster” is #23 (+1) and on the chart of the Rock Songs the single is at #40 (+4)!

2011 Tour: Honolulu

On August 24th Paramore played their first ever show in Hawaii. The band performed live at Aloha Tower Drive in Honolulu. During the show, while ‚Misery Business’ a girl named CJ Brunke from a band The Rocket Surgeons, sang with Hayley. Visit Paramore.net to see the video of ‚Here We Go Again’. Check out TOUR section later today to find out what was the setlist! Click on the pic below to see the gallery!

Star101.9 meets Paramore

Lucky listeners of Star101.9 Radio Station had a chance to meet with Paramore at Aloha Tower Drive a few hours before the first ever show in Hawaii. Click on the pics below to see the gallery!

Dave Lawrence talks with Paramore

Aloha from Hawaii! Before the show in Aloha Tower Drive Paramore met with Dave Lawrence well known as Dave Lawrence Online. The band did the interview for Hawaii Public Radio station and according to Lawrence, the whole interview is going to be posted today via Hawaii Public Radio site. Click on the pics below to see the gallery!

update: Click here to listen the interview!

Hayley Williams’ Tour Diary Part 2

Hayley Williams agreed to write a special series of tour diary parts especially for Paper Magazine. In the first part Hayley wrote about the Warped Tour. In the second part (available now) Hayley writes about being at The Pacific Rim Tour in Hong Kong. Together with the entry, ‚Hayley Williams’ Tour Diary Part 2: Hong Kong!’ four photos taken by Lindsey Byrnes in China were made available. Click “read more” to read the entry and click on the pics below to see them bigger!