Paramore are teasing the beginning of new era!

We are so close to discover what Paramore has in store for us! In the past few days the band has started posting mysterious graphics on their social media which may lead us to the beginning of a brand new era! What’s the rose/purple graphic stand for? Keep on guessing!

Hayley and Taylor join Halfnoise for a show

Not so long ago Zac Farro’s band Halfnoise released a new EP. „The Velvet Face” got its very special release party event at the Lucky Bamboo China Bistro in Nashville, TN on the 8th of April. Hayley Williams and Taylor York joined the band on stage for the show that night! Here you can see a photo taken a day before, during a rehearsal.

Paramore at the #TORvsNSH game in Nashville, TN

Hayley, Taylor and Zac, with a group of friends including Justin York, went to the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN to support the Nashville Predators vs. Toronto Maple Leafs. The band was kindly welcomed by the host team, Nashville Predators and happyly posed with multiple fans. New photos taken on the 30th of March are available HERE.

Hayley contributes to Can You Deal? zine

Hayley Williams enjoys talking about music and music industry from a female perspective. This time she wrote an essay for a project „Can You Deal?” introduced by Jennifer Clavin from Bleached.

„Thx so much @HelloBleached for inviting me to be a part of #CanYouDeal alongside so many incredible women i admire,” wrote Hayley on Twitter.

„When the band started touring I was embarrassed that every review we got back was only focusing on me. Why couldn’t people just forget I was a girl?,” asks Hayley in the essay.

The zine is a collection of shared experiences from other female artists commenting on being labeled as „girl band”, on how do they feel knowing their music is defined based on their sex.

„Labeling me as a woman in a band just puts me in a box, and doesn’t allow everything else I am to be seen and heard,” wrote Jennifer.

Net proceeds from the zine will go to Planned Parenthood. They are only 1000 copies available, each for $12. You can buy the zine here. A part of Hayley’s essay is available here while the entire one below.

Listen to a duet between Hayley and Zac!

„Can’t hype it enough, it’s that good,” wrote Hayley about her first ever duet with Zac Farro. A song „As U Wave” is now available thanks to DIY Magazine, together with the rest of the songs. „Go listen to this! Zac let me sing with him on a song… It’s our first duet awwww,” posted Hayley on Twitter.

Zac said: „This is definitely the most important piece of music, to me personally, that I’ve ever written or worked on to-date with HALFNOISE. Not only was it special for me as an artist and writer but from my friends who played, collaborated, and shared with me in making something so special.”

„The Velvet Face” is coming out of 24th of March via Congrats Records.

Zac talks 5th album: it’s finished!

Zac Farro is about to release a new EP. „The Velvet Face EP” is coming out on the 24th of March and now, three days before the release day, The Line of Best Fit posted a new interview they did with Zac discussing the EP, present and past projects. Besides talking about HalfNoise, Zac talks also about Paramore’s upcoming studio album!

„The goal is definitely to release it this year, but I can’t really touch base and even if we had a set day we were telling people, things change so much. But the record is finished.”

He said when asked about Paramore’s fifth studio album and the progress of recording it. It’s also one of the first interviews when Zac fully speaks about responsibilities he has after rejoining Paramore and how it may, or may not, effect his role in HalfNoise.

„Paramore means touring, and doing videos, and releasing the record, and all that, and I know in my heart that I’m super passionate about this project of mine. I don’t want people to think that I’m just going to throw away the five or six years that I’ve put in to building HalfNoise up because I’m joining with Paramore because it really helps me and it frees me up to be super creative. I had been writing all the while we were in the studio with Paramore. I’m always writing. My alone time is getting by myself and creating and making music.”

However, it looks like Zac isn’t sure when HalfNoise would be able to enter the recording studio again because Paramore stuff will keep him very busy!

„I don’t know when I’m going to be able to get in the studio again because of Paramore stuff. I hope that it gets in front of a lot of people. I definitely poured my heart and soul into this EP, even though I didn’t know if I had anything left after doing the Paramore record all year, and touring and stuff. It’s a really special EP for me. I just hope that people connect to it.”

What’s it been like playing in Paramore again?

With HalfNoise there are a few moments on the stage where I play the drums, but for the most part I’m singing and performing up front as a frontman. I started playing drums when I was about nine, and we started playing Paramore shows when I was 13. It’s something I’ve always done. It’s rad and it’s really weird, but it’s so familiar that it didn’t take long to adjust… it feels like this huge part of me. Most people don’t get those second chances – just in friendships, let alone with a career and a job to play music.

What’s it been like seeing the excitement build around your return to the band and this release?

It’s kind of frightening! We just really want people to like it… I have no doubt that people are going to love it. It’s definitely my favourite record I’ve ever drummed on or been a part of with this band. Paramore fans are some of the most dedicated and amazing fans and to see the excitement is… it’s kind of how they’ve been from day one. It’s amazing that they’re still so passionate and so on board.

What’s next?

It’s all finished. We’re just figuring out the logistics of when to release it and everything. With HalfNoise it’s just me and a couple of managers, and we work pretty closely, but Paramore is a worldwide known band. There’s a lot of chefs in the kitchen, and figuring all that stuff out… the goal is definitely to release it this year, but I can’t really touch base and even if we had a set day we were telling people, things change so much. But the record is finished.

A full interview is available here.

Hayley to sing on Jimmy Eat World EP?

Apparently Hayley Williams is going to sing on the upcoming Jimmy Eat World’s tour EP. The album is reportedly titled „Are You Listening?” and includes 5 tracks dedicated to fans who bought tickets to see the band live on tour!

According to the tracklist, Hayley is singing on „Always Be”, what she in fact did a couple of times years ago, including this performance:

Here’s the tracklist for the album:

Get Right
Sure and Certain (Acoustic)
Always Be (live feat. Hayley Williams)
A Praise Chorus (live feat. Davey VonBohlen)
Hear You Me (live feat. Courtney Marie Andrews)

Hayley Williams to sing on HalfNoise EP!

Some time ago, even before re-joining Paramore, Zac Farro posted some photos of Hayley and Taylor helping him to record his upcoming EP. Now it’s officially confirmed that Hayley is singing lead vocals on one of the tracks!

A snippet of „As U Wave” featuring Hayley is available below. You can pre-order „The Velvet Face” EP here. It’s coming out on the 24th of March via Congrats Records. Mentioned pictures are available here.


Were Paramore working on upcoming music video?

It appears that Paramore arrived to Los Angeles to work on a music video for the first single from their upcoming fifth studio album! And this is so exciting!

On 15th of March the band was spotted on the set of something which appears to be a set of a potential new music video! A photo of Hayley and Zac in front of a video camera was posted online later that day.

Yesterday, on 16th of March, a video director Anthony Hayward posted a photo with Taylor and Zac in a red car with the following caption: They needed agents that could get the job done…so you know who they called! He didn’t reveal the purpose of their meeting and removed the photo a few hours later.

You can see the exact same car in the photo posted a day earlier and that’s not the end. Also on the 16th of March, Paramore posted a new Instagram Story photo of themselves with a caption: Hi everyone’s ;/. You can see this photo in the header, above.

Read also: Paramore registered titles of new unheard songs!

New video interview with Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams sat down with Bryan Elliott from Behind The Brand to discuss her life. That’s most likely the most autobiographical interview Hayley’s ever done. She’s also talking about starting her new business, love and break ups, and above all – about music and Paramore.

Click HERE to see photos taken on 11th of March, right after the interview and scroll down to watch the video which contains some really awesome and very touching moments. You gonna love it!

edit: A very first version of the interview uploaded by Bryan and fastly removed, was a way more autobiographical and happened to be the most open interivew Hayley’s ever done. The final, re-uploaded version, is mostly about goodDYEyoung as a brand.

We know that the first version is available online under illegal sources, however, it’s good to remember there was a reason why Warner Music kept removing the video from all sources possible. As we don’t know the reason, and as the final version is so different, we won’t spread what’s removed. Hopefully Bryan gonna re-upload the rest soon.

edit 2: Bryan made a comment on the missing parts of the interview: