Paramore a part of „How To Pack Like A Rock Star” book

Hayley Williams: How to Pack Like A Rock Star

Some of you might remember Tegan and Sara, a band that used to be a support before Paramore shows. Shaun Huberts, bassist for the band, during the Honda Civic Tour was writing a book called How To Pack Like A Rock Star. Not so long ago, photographer Robyn Jamieson leaked out some names of „big stars” she met to do the photoshoot for the book. She said that Paramore have contributed to this book and now a first photo was made available!



How To Pack Like A Rock Star is a photo driven adventure combining
a nerdy-cool ‘how-to’ book with humor, comments, and advice from all
your favorite Rock Stars on how to pack your suitcase. Town to town,
tour after tour; who better to listen to about packing a suitcase than
someone who spends their days living out of one? Sooner or later the
world will learn that Rock Stars are the real packing professionals and
this is your inside source! So if you too are planning on living a life out
of your suitcase then this could be the simplest, most effective,
and by far most pleasurable way to learn how! Click here to find our more about the book!


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