Paramore drop a new single on Wednesday!

Paramore will drop a new single on Wednesday! This Wednesday! At least this is what several American radio stations have just tweeted. The Alt 103.3 tweeted about the new single premiere to make its radio debut at 8:30am. You can stream ALT 98.7 HERE, ALT 103.3 HERE and – alternatively ALT 98.7 HERE and ALT 103.3 (should work outside the US).


It’s 2:30pm in Germany, 1:30pm in England, 9:30am in Brazil, 9:30pm in the Philippines and 10:30pm in Australia. Obviously, it may premiere earlier somewhere else. Be ready!

CONFIRMED: The song Paramore is about to premiere is called „Hard Times.” It’s written by Hayley and Taylor.

The single is gonna get its very first play in Australia at 10:50pm on 19th of April on Juice Radio 247. Radio 104.5 claims they are playing the song 15 minutes before Alt 103.3 – listen here.