Paramore one of the top 20 rock bands in the world

First half of 2017 is over, so it’s time for multiple half-year summaries, including sales charts.

Even though After Laughter isn’t listed among 20 top selling rock/alternative (or even pop if you wish) albums of 2017, it doesn’t mean the release isn’t doing good globally.

Spotify has just revealed a list of the top 20 rock acts in the world. The rank is based on the amount of streams artists have received.

With Coldplay leading the rank, Twenty One Pilots following and The Beatles taking third spot, Paramore is #15! And it’s not bad at all! Let’s have a look:

Top 20 Rock Acts Globally on Spotify:

1. Coldplay
2. Twenty One Pilots
3. The Beatles
4. Linkin Park
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. Panic! A The Disco
7. Metallica
8. Arctic Monkeys
9. Queen
10. Fall Out Boy
11. Green Day
12. AC/DC
13. Pink Floyd
14. Blink-182
15. Paramore
16. Guns N’ Roses
17. Nirvana
18. The Rolling Stones
19. The 1975
20. Kings of Leon