Paramore meeting Peaceable Kindgom animals

Backstage of the Bethlehem, PA show Paramore met with a group of people working for the Peaceable Kingdom, a nonprofit animal shelter located in Whitehall, PA. The band played with P Wee, Yogi and Big Ted and tried to encourage people to adopt animals from the shelters. Click HERE to see photos of the band with the dogs and go HERE to watch videos.

Hi – it’s P Wee and Yogi here! Did you catch our video earlier? We were so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity – along with our friend Big Ted the bulldog from Hotdrescue – to go and have a fun play date with the awesome members of the band Paramore! They’re performing at Sands Event Center tonight. It was such a big adventure to get out of the shelter, take a fun car ride, and get lots of good rubs and cuddles from our new best friends! By the time we got back, we were fast asleep – so pooped from all of the excitement! Thank you so much to everyone who played with us today and to Hayley for sharing us on her Instagram. We hope the next time we listen to your music it will be from our forever homes! We love you!