PBS NewsHour takes us behind the scenes of Paramore’s 5th album… sort of.

The American PBS NewsHour is sort of taking us behind the scenes of Paramore’s 5th album in their documentary about downtown Nashville being a backbone of the nation’s music industry. In this short documentary, starting at 0:42 and ending at 1:21. we can see Paramore working on their upcoming studio album!

The band was recording percussion in the RCA Studio A and here’s is where a part of this documentary was being recorded. In the video Taylor York is recording a tambourine beat for the new album and this’s a very first time we can actually hear something from the recording studio. Just to remind you, all the videos Hayley’s been posting were silent. Something is always better than nothing, right?

„When you walk into the room you can really feel the energy and inspiration,” said Taylor trying to describe how he feels recording music in the famous studio. Check out the documentary in the player below! Go HERE to enjoy Paramore’s studio calendar full of photos and videos.