Pre-order Purpose Hotel soundtrack featuring Paramore!

At the end of August the Rolling Stone Magazine article revealed the Purpose Hotel, Vol. 1 compilation album which is about to include a song from Paramore. This soundtrack is a part of a great project named the Purpose Hotel introduced by a celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart.

Hayley Williams has already given her support fowards this project, for example by tweeting about it. Now Jeremy Cowart updated campaign’s Kickstarter with further information on the soundtrack.

Entering THIS PAGE you can pledge a minimum of $15 and pre-order the digital version of the album. „Everyone who pledges at this level or higher will receive the digital soundtrack with music from Andy Davis, …, Paramore, … and Trent Dabbs,” says the caption.

„Purpose Hotel is something that we want do locally with our community. But it isn’t promotion for new album!,” said on twitter Hayley asked about a possibility of releasing a new song from the upcoming album on this soundtrack. However there’s still a chance for a completely new song from Paramore on the compilation. „We do have a few songs that are brand new for the soundtrack. Each song/artist resonates with the theme of the hotel,” said Jeremy.

What’s Purpose Hotel about? Jeremy aims to create a joy-filled space where this generation can come together and make awesome things happen. Imagine not just a hotel, but a global hotel chain, where every time you book a room: a child gets sponsored, the internet fee fights human trafficking and every product (soap, shampoo, linens, furniture, curated art, specialty products) is purchased from partners who are making a difference.