Hayley and Brian at new goodDYEyoung photoshoot

01/28/2017 Team 0

If you were wondering why Hayley Williams is spending so much time with Lindsey Byrnes lately, the answer is the easiest possible. Yes, they’re close friends but this is not the point. Yesterday Hayley, Brian, Lindsey and even Alf were working on a new goodDYEyoung read more

GIVEAWAY with goodDYEyoung shades

09/20/2016 Team 61

Hayley and Brian were working hard for years to bring the best hair dyes possible. The products of their work were officially presented in March and went on sale in April 2016. Today, celebrating 7th anniversary of this fan base, we are excited to team up with goodDYEyoung read more

Hayley promotes goodDYEyoung at Warped

06/30/2016 Team 0

Yesterday Hayley Williams surprised fans at the 2016 Vans Warped Tour in Nashville, TN and stopped by the goodDYEyoung tent where Brian J O’Connor was promoting their dyes. People got super excited seeing smiling Hayley out there. At the merch booth she was supported by read more

HuffPost Lifestyle and Racked interview Hayley and Brian

05/13/2016 Team 0

Yesterday, on 12th of May, Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor had a really impressive press day in New York City. The goodDYEyoung founders visited Bustle, Allure, Teen Vogue, HuffPost Lifestyle and Racked. Everywhere, yes, everywhere they did live streams and answered questions asked by people, read more

New photos of Hayley and Brian in NYC

05/12/2016 Team 0

As Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor are pretty busy in New York City visiting various media to talk about their hair dye line goodDYEyoung, there are new photos of them appearing in our GALLERY. Make sure to follow it for updates! So far they visited read more

goodDYEyoung visits Allure

05/12/2016 Team 0

Hayley and Brian are on a press day in New York City. After visiting Bustle, they took a short break for lunch and after that visited Allure HQ for another questions and answers session with fans and people interested in goodDYEyoung products. What were they read more

Hayley and Brian chatting with Bustle

05/12/2016 Team 0

Once goodDYEyoung is about to be officially launched and pre-orders are about to be shipped, Hayley and Brian took a flight to New York City. The two are meeting with press and are talking about their dream-coming-true company. HERE you can see photos from NYC read more

New photos from goodDYEyoung photoshoot

03/07/2016 Team 0

goodDYEyoung is spreading its wings and trying to convince us that it is actually good to dye young. The company has published three new photos from a photoshoot taken by Lindsey Byrnes some time ago. Click HERE to read more about Hayley’s dream-coming-true company and read more

Hayley introduces goodDYEyoung!

03/05/2016 Team 0

It’s been a while since Hayley Williams’ said a very first word about her very own hair-dye line. Now, a day before Parahoy! she has finally made the official announcement. In a very short message Hayley mentioned the name of the line, goodDYEyoung and presented the website read more