The Brag talks to Paramore

In February Paramore returns to Australia but before there get there The Brag talked to them about, what was named, a new era for Paramore.

They discussed After Laughter, creating shows setlist while trying to meet fans expectations,growing up and maturing as a musician and being worshipped.

“To be honest, we can just never win,” says Taylor York. “As an artist, you wanna play new songs; things that you’re inspired by. You’re trying to kind of show people a new era; an era where we currently are.”

“No matter what we do, we’re always letting people down, and they’re always gonna be like, ‘Why didn’t you play that?’ We’ve gotten better at kind of brushing that off a little bit, but we always care,” explains York. “We’ve spent so long trying to figure out, ‘Alright, how do we put all the songs in the set?’ We wanna make it special for our fans who have been supporting us for a long time, but they have also heard us play the songs so many times, so…”

“I don’t believe any human being is worthy of being worshipped because we all have the exact same capacity to hurt each other, hurt ourselves, and just generally make an absolute mess of the lives we’re given,” Williams explains.

“And narrowing it down to the issue of masculinity and gender is tough. Of course, boys need to begin to see examples of vulnerability and show respect towards the opposite sex at a very young age. But it also shouldn’t solely have to do with gender and sexuality – it should have to do with humanness and co-existence.”

“I’m tired of seeing people speaking from regret and not from a place of actual intelligence on the matter. There has to be some educational, compassionate conversation so that we can get ahead of these problems before they turn into real pain.”

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