„Told You So” debuts on Billboard Charts!

There are ups and downs for Paramore on charts in the US right now but we really hope a bit of promo the band is about to start today will help both the „After Laughter” to get recognition it deserves, and the singles.

Let’s have a look on how „Hard Times” and „Told You So” are doing on Billboard Charts. Yes, „Told You So” debuted on Billboard!

Also, the early predictions for „After Laughter” in the US say about 55-65k (streaming + sales) and 50-55k in album sales. According to that data, Paramore’s new album will debut at #6 in the US.

Hard Times
#9 (-1) Hot Rock Songs
#17 (+1) Alternative Songs
#27 (+8) Rock Airplay
#23 (-10) Rock Streaming Songs
#29 (+2) Adult Pop Songs

Told You So
#18 (debut) Hot Rock Songs
#25 (debut) Rock Digital Sales