Zac Farro talks to Going Off Track about Paramore

Zac Farro, who is currently working with Hayley and Taylor on Paramore’s upcoming studio album, did another podcast. This time he sat down with Going Off Track and in between talks about his own, HalfNoise’s new indie-pop album „Sudden Feeling” he discussed Paramore. Both drumming on their fifth studio album and tourning with them being only fourteen.

„Starting that young I was mainly just drumming in Paramore and so this time away has helped me develop my own style and voice when it comes to my writing,” he said. Zac has also a very good perspective on how Paramore was working in the past and how it’s working now. Including a fact which gets easily forgotten by lots of people while talking about Hayley’s role in the band, her behaviour and attitude. Zac points out very directly that Hayley went through a lot loosing friends she used to make music with. „She’s like super-human. All these band member changes, it’s been super hard for her. People can say what they want about it.” 

Of course he cound’t left without explaining what determined his decision of leaving the band. „I left the band in 2010. The things between us were tough for a while but I think this is how it works when you lose someone you love, you are a good friend with,” said Zac adding. „Taylor, Hayley and I are the best friends we’ve ever been. I really care about these two people. I am so grateful second changes happen.”

You can stream the entire over one hour long conversation HERE. Zac talks there also about how does it feel to play at Warped Tour at the age of fourteen, how Hayley and Josh wrote „Misery Business”, how cool it is to be able to finally know you own voice and how he saw the same kind of dynamic between Hayley and Taylor he used to see between Hayley and Josh.