Zac Farro on Paramore’s new music and fans

It is very hard for Farro brothers to avoid questions about their past in Paramore. Recently Zac, who is currently on tour with HalfNoise promoting „Sudden Feeling” album, was talking to the Oakland Press. Among the questions about his solo career he mentioned Paramore.

„Sometimes people come to the show to see if I’m joining the band again,” he said laughing. „I definitely get it. That’s a huge part of my past, so it’s a little bit expected. They’re still my best friends and Taylor the guitar player lives down the street from me and he’s played some shows with HalfNoise. It was such a rad thing to be able to play with them again. It still feels like my family.”

Paramore’s upcoming studio album is in its final stage of making. What can we expect? „The new music they’re making is really incredible so to be part of that is really cool. And they’re super supportive of what I’m doing, too,” said Zac.

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