Paramore to appear in Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show

On Tuesday, January 22nd, Paramore will drop in on the Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show with their new single, “Now”. Today via Twitter message Hayley Williams confirmed that the band took a flight to London, UK and will start promoting the first single from the upcoming self-titled album in Europe. Below you can find the information when the show starts in your country.

London: 6:30am
Brazil: 4:30am
Chicago, USA: 0:30am
Canada: 1:30am
Chile: 3:30am
Argentina: 3:30am
Poland: 7:30am
Spain: 7:30am
France: 7:30am
Indonesia: 13:30pm
Hong Kong, China: 14:30pm
Japan: 15:30pm
Australia: 17:30pm

(thx: iwannabewhole)