Paramore to join the Purpose Hotel soundtrack!

Paramore is about to be a part of a very special project. Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart came up with the idea of an unique hotel where every check-in helps a person in need. To fund it, the the multi-artist soundtrack will be released and Paramore is going to be on it, says Rolling Stone.

Cowart launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Purpose Hotel, which he hopes to begin in Nashville and then expand globally. It will be a place where absolutely everything inside benefits a worthy cause. Each room in the Purpose Hotel will also sponsor a child’s education, with a plaque on each door telling that child’s story.

The Purpose Hotel, Vol. 1 compilation album will be the 20-track project. According to the Rolling Stone article: the photographer called on friends and past clients to record music for the compilation album and…

Paramore is on that list.

To cool down your enthusiasm – there is no direct word on a new song from Paramore to be used in this project. Details on the content of the album and it’s exact release date haven’t been revealed yet. Let’s just wait and see what is going to happen in the future.

For now, Hayley supported the project on her Twitter.

The Kickstarter campaign ends in 4 days, however this project will only be funded if at least $2,000,000 is pledged by Saturday. Visiting THIS PAGE you can read more about the project, donate money and, as Rolling Stone Magazine says, buy the soundtrack. However you won’t find there a word on that…

UPDATE: Hayley answered the question on whether Paramore is releasing something new for the project or not. “Purpose Hotel is something that we want do locally with our community. But it isn’t promotion for new album!,” she said when a fan ask about a new song.