Paramore drops Fake Happy music video. Watch now!

Back in August Paramore were spotted by some lucky fans on the streets in New York City. They were walking around the city with a camera. That day Zac posted a photo saying it’s a film day and added he’s a director. Today Paramore finally answered the question we asked posting photos from that day in August – on 26th of August they were filming a music video for Fake Happy, their latest single from After Laughter. It’s finally available!

Hayley commented on the video posting:

i walked around forever and a day, wearing sequins and looking like a mermaid superhero. i danced with strangers, got yelled at by a construction worker, hugged a time traveler… all the while looking p damn carefree.
in my mind, i was anxious and really self-conscious. we didn’t even write the treatment around that, it just was the reality of filming Fake Happy on the streets of one of the busiest cities in the world. the only moment that any underlying emotion (other than “happy”) is apparent is at the very end…
Zac Farro directed the video. he conceptualized it and insisted we shoot it on film. very proud of him. proud of me for not giving a shit that im the only one in this video. we made another something we love for the band we grew up in. i love Paramore.

Zac commented on the video posting:

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