Petals for Armor I drops Thursday?!

Everything is so exciting these days. Hayley Williams is spoiling us with new tunes each week followed by even more mysterious interludes. Yesterday, with a first part of an interview she did with Zane Lowe on Petals for Armor a letter I appeared next to the title of the interview. Beats1 already confirmed that it was in fact a first part of the interview but as we wrote here, Zane did mention an EP release. So are we getting an EP or not?

Petals for Armor I, an extended play from Hayley Williams is apparently coming out this Thursday, February 6th and is a first chapter of the story Hayley has been presenting since January 22nd. The LP, however, will be released on May 8th. Such information was posted in the description of the interview with Zane Lowe and later published by other media outlets. No official statement released. Williams, responding to one of the tweets, didn’t deny the information but also didn’t confirm it.

Everything is so exciting, isn’t it?