Taylor York: seen Hayley outshine man after man over the years

Flowers became a simple way to remind myself of beauty and resilience, and the way we can come alive when we are taken care of, Williams tells NPR in another video call interview she did from her home in Nashville, TN.  My best friends left and I got painted as the bad guy,” Williams says. “If I had been a man, what would that have looked like?, she wonders.

From my point of view, Hayley being a woman has never been the point, says Paramore’s Taylor York. It’s something to celebrate, but not in a way that makes it seem as though she’s joined some sort of elite club that is allowed to run with the boys. I’ve seen her outshine man after man over the years, but what’s important isn’t that she outshined men, although it’s always so badass to witness, it’s that she is a phenomenal singer, writer, and artist, and she deserves recognition for those things. I’ll never understand why these societal paths to recognition and equality for women, or anyone who identifies otherwise, are at all different from that of men. Click here to read it.