Zac Farro talks with TapeOP about writing, recording and Paramore

Zac Farro talked to TapeOP about everything from writing music to mixing and shooting music videos, not skipping a part on the early days in Paramore, rejoining the band and touring the biggest venues in the world.

What I love about both HalfNoise and Paramore, is that Paramore lets me have that one outlet of a big rock band; touring and everything. Then the downtime is my freedom and time to explore creatively. That’s what HalfNoise has come out of. I just released a dub-inspired EP, Zafari. I like to incorporate what I’m inspired by at that time. I get the privilege to do that within HalfNoise, because I also have a big band that I get to be a part of as well. I feel very fortunate – he says and adds: I took a six-year break from touring with Paramore. I stopped when I was 20 because all seven of my teenage years were on the road. I felt the train was not gonna stop. I didn’t want to tour; I wanted to see what regular life was like, and see if it was for me. It turns out that it absolutely wasn’t. I do not know what I would do without music. I was fortunate to rekindle things with Hayley and Taylor and join back up with them on After Laughter. I was just intending to play drums on it, but then they invited me back in the band, which was really cool.

When we started the band, it was my older brother, Josh, Hayley, me, and a few other guys. My brother and Hayley wrote the majority of the songs, and I would come in with, “Oh, this song makes me think of this beat,” and I’d play to it. It was never music I wrote. HalfNoise started when I quit touring Paramore. Click HERE to read the interview.