Listen to a conversation between Hayley and Anna Faris

Hayley Williams joined Anna Faris online to talk for Anna Faris Is Unqualified. Among many topics they discuss is growing up and how it has changed throughout the years, creativity and expressing yourself, longings, anger, relationships, band and touring family. Click HERE to listen to it.

“I really miss the feeling that I am somewhere, maybe it’s an airport terminal or maybe it’s a crappy club, where I am with my people, that’s home to me,” said Hayley. “I wrote a fan letter to *NSYNC when I was 9. I am kinda grateful I didn’t grow up with this kind of obsession, it faded away when I started writing my own music. Being a fan is really vulnerable. For me, my obsession with *NSYNC faded the moment the band was over. I’d get a concert ticket if they came back”.

“I haven’t traveled much outside of work. I am desperate to go back to England to see a couple of friends, or take a train to Paris and eat all the bread I can eat. When you travel for your job all the time, you find your vacation time at you house”.

“It’s the first time that I’ve been in a relationship that I think is healthy. I’m trying really hard to reframe a lot of my past. I feel like I certainly wouldn’t be able to even be interested in romantic relationships if I wasn’t in a therapy. I am happy. I feel safer”.