Hayley for LA Times: this band kept me out of a lot of trouble

Suzy Exposito wrote a piece on Paramore for Los Angeles Times. The band met with the journalist inside a studio in North Hollywood to talk about the past, presence and future.

“It’s only lately that my outside and my inside world are kind of congruent, where I feel safe. I think as more LGBTQ people [enter mainstream] conversations, people are now familiar with their term ‘chosen family.’ This band kept me out of a lot of trouble. It gave me a place to belong and identify with”, Hayley said.

“How sad it is that we’ve gone through this horrible thing globally, as humans. Whether it’s racism, or conspiracy theories … I think about how the internet is supposed to be this great connector, but drives us further inward and further apart. I’ve watched people be so awful to each other. How could we go through these things together and come out worse?” Click HERE to read the article.