Paramore for The Guardian: We were a support system to each other

Right before starting rehearsals for the upcoming tour, Paramore met over Zoom with Laura Snapes from the Guardian to discuss new music and past years. Click here to read the article.

Taylor York on past years: “I wanted to explore some deeper parts of myself and figure out why we do this, how it happened. I’m a very introverted person and I have a passion and career that’s at odds with that. When it came back to doing [Paramore] again, I was able to say confidently, let’s do it. Zac and Hayley both needed to know that I wanted to do this.”

Hayley Williams on Misery Business: “Only now that we’ve felt lighter about the band, it’s like I don’t feel defined by that song”.

Zac Farro of his relationship with his older brother, Josh: “You think when you’re a kid you’re gonna do everything together, and we did up to a certain point. Then we didn’t. It’s definitely put a strain on the relationship but I actually think it’s been for the better recently. You can’t really be mad at that person – that’s what they chose. You have to choose if you’re going to show love. My heart goes out to him, too; I don’t want to sound demeaning, but some people’s worldview isn’t very acceptable online. You learn it the hard way sometimes.”

Hayley Williams on Paramore beginning: “We met at the craziest age and we should not have made it through all the things we’ve been through together. This Is Why is the last album they’re contracted to deliver on the deal that Williams signed as a teenager. March marked 20 years since they met, and they’ve been reminiscing all year, she says. “We need to get our shit together and make a doc already.”