Hayley talks hair, inspiring Gen Z with New Beauty

Paramore might be on tour but it doesn’t mean Hayley has forgotten about her brand, goodDYEyoung. She took a moment to talk about hair, inspiring Gen Z and her forward-thinking brand with New Beauty. Click HERE to read the interview and see two new photos of Hayley and Brian.

I would say as I get older, yellow is the color that makes me the happiest. I’ve only had actual yellow hair once because most of the time I tried to be yellow it was more highlighter green. But a sunflower yellow is my favorite color. Being platinum blonde also made me feel the most like myself, which made me feel more confident after I had gotten to a place where I felt like my orange hair belonged to everybody else – Hayley said about her favourite hair color.

It’s really humbling to be at an age where you can look around and see a younger generation coming into the music scene and citing your music as one of the reasons that they got into it. That’s something that when I was 16 and we were just starting out we would joke about because I don’t know if we ever believed it would happen – she said about inspiring other generations.