Avril Lavigne talks receiving a letter from Hayley

Hayley Williams is known for writing short letters to musicians she comes across multiple events and festivals Paramore perform at. This fall the band played at When We Were Young Festival among Avril Lavigne. Canadian singer, in a piece for Billboard’s Annual Year in Music Package, mentions she received a letter from Williams backstage in Las Vegas.

Hayley Williams from Paramore wrote me a really kind letter, saying some really nice things and thanking me for paving the way for young women like her. That was so cool to read. And for anyone looking to join the pop-punk world in the future, I’d say to you, “Welcome to the scene. It’s a wild ride.”

There’s no hint of the two meeting, although the festival was a perfect opportunity for that to happen. Earlier this year Lavigne said she’s looking forward to seeing Paramore live.