Hayley for Glamour on pre-show preparation

Backstage of Paramore’s show at Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Hayley and Brian met Glamour Magazine crew to show them Hayley’s pre-show routine and show preparations. Apart from new, great photos Hayley answered some questions. Click here to read the interview and scroll down to see a video posted by goodDYEyoung of Brian doing Hayley’s hair and makeup.

“I was recently sent a new line called Futurewise that my skin loves a lot. It’s like a skin-slugging routine,” she says. “For me, personally, I like the least amount of fuss possible. But Brian and I get in the dressing room and have so much fun that sometimes I come out with like, two rows of eyelashes and a beehive. My favorite look we’ve done thus far was the clean skin and glitter tears back in 2017 and 2018 for After Laughter.”