Hayley shares a list of songs with Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar asked Hayley Williams to share a selection of songs that she admires for their lyrical impact and iconic instrumentals. The playlist is available on Apple Music and features artists such as Björk, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar and Talking Heads.

Apart from curating the playlist Hayley answered some questions. “I don’t take it for granted,” she says of the band’s longevity. “I’m still living a dream that we started as teenagers.”

“We had a number one record, and we got a Grammy but we were so stressed out and so burnt out,” she remembers. “There was this collective gut feeling that we needed to just relate as friends again,” she continues. “Taking a break allowed us to do more growing that we couldn’t do in front of the world.” Click here to read it.