Hayley talks new album on Morning Edition 

Hayley appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition to talk Paramore’s new album, This is Why. She talks about its fraught backstory, including her struggles with mental health and the male gaze, and the complicated return of the song “Misery Business” to Paramore’s live shows. Click here to listen the conversation.

The News was one of the last songs we wrote,” she said revealing it was written when the war on Ukraine started. “It was really overwhelming. It was a kind of a combination of frustration and a feeling you can’t get away of how sad the world is. I needed a place to put that.”

“We wrote that song when we were 17, trying to figure out who I was, having crushes on people, it’s essentially a tear out of my diary,” Hayley says about “Misery Business”. “My relationship with that song is complicated, it doesn’t sound like who we feel like anymore. Those are teenage year-book photos.”