Paramore for Bricks: we pride ourselves in never trying to follow the trends

Paramore are gracing another cover of a British magazine, once again with a series of photos taken by Zachary Gray. The band is on the cover of Bricks Magazine.

“I think we all needed to get back in touch with, you know, who we are,” explains Zac. “We needed to nurture that at-home version of ourselves, which always takes a while when you’re used to being in a different city or country every day. We had to have a ‘normal life’ for a little bit.”

”I think people sometimes want to make music that sounds like their old music – maybe certain people want that from us – but it’s like putting on a costume. I think we are, for sure, the most proud of this record from top to bottom,” Taylor beams. “We bring out the best in each other.”  

“There’s a temptation from the outside to see what is working on TikTok or what isn’t, and you might think, what do people want to hear? Rather than what do I want to do,” says York. “We pride ourselves in never trying to follow the trends to connect with people, and it’s really not like we try to go against that, but I hope that we can be some sort of an example to even one young creative person to see that they don’t have to follow the radio right now.” 

“We definitely want to take advantage of the fact that people still give a shit about what we do. You know,  it sounds weird to be like, we just want to blow people’s minds, but we’re going to  give fans what they’re hoping for.”

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