Paramore for the Washington Post: communication is a huge thing for us now

Hayley, Zac and Taylor met with the Washington Post to spread the word on This Is Why. An interview based article is now available. The band talks – among many – key elements of keeping Paramore alive, growing up together and individually. Click HERE to read it.

“We just got very lucky that people still care about our music after all this time,” Hayley says when asked about Paramore’s return. “For any band, even without the time off, that’s a big deal.”

“Our band grew up together and there was a lot of trial and error that came with that … and fallouts,” says Hayley. “Communication has become a huge thing for us now,” Zac says. “When you’re young, you just feel like, ‘Oh, I won’t say anything and it’ll go away.’ But when it doesn’t, it just builds into this big mud pile of bad energy.”