Watch Paramore chatting with TIME

Hayley, Zac and Taylor met remotely with Time to share their thoughts on This Is Why and their return. They went on a quick journey throughout their whole discography, talking first two albums and a massive hit Decode, stopping by After Laughter. Click HERE to watch the interview and read the article.

“The fact that she did it even once is a miracle,” Taylor says on Hayley singing All I Wanted in Las Vegas last year. “She sang an octave higher than the note that she was worried to sing,” adds Zac. “I can’t remember because I honestly blacked out,” jokes Hayley.

“I really think we just kept writing, and every song led us somewhere else,” Taylor says about This Is Why. “We wanted to scratch this itch of playing rockier music, but I remember there was even a time where Zac and I were starting to write a new song, and he was like, ‘Hey man, can we maybe do something more chill?’”

 “I think on the first couple of records, we were like, ‘We’re a rock band,’ and had two guitars, bass, drums, vocals and rarely stepping outside of that too much… and with that, you kind of have your guidelines in a good way,” Zac says.