Zac Farro for Modern Drummer Magazine

Zac Farro sat down with Modern Drummer Magazine for their February issue to talk about Paramore’s evolution, their upcoming studio album and his drumming style. He was also asked about the past influences and his beginning as a drummer.

“I went to a small private school with a lot of other musicians. I think that was the reason we all got into the same sort of music. Kelli Scott from Failure, Zach Lind from Jimmy Eat World, and Dave Gron. those guys were all a huge influence. For me, it was always about the drummers that played “songs.” It wasn’t until later that realized how amazing it is when somebody has insane chops or is technically really good,” he said.

“The drumming on This Is Why is fusing the worlds of “young me” and “old me.” That’s something that happens when you’re playing 16th notes and you’re trying to keep the velocity and the intensity up,” Zac said. Later in the interview he talked the writing process for the new album. “This record is unique because the band wrote (pretty much) everything together. Hayley always writes the lyrics and the melodies. Because Taylor, Hayley, and I are the main members in the band now, we’re kind of constructing everything together, everybody is in the same room. Back in the day when my brother was in the band, he would primarily write all the stuff with Hayley and Taylor.” You can read the full story below.