Paramore for Office Magazine: our fans really created this unbelievable community

Anna Zanes interviewed Paramore for the newest, spring/summer issue of Office Magazine with photos taken by Danielle Levitt. The band talks their friendship, new album, touring and coming back to their roots, honesty in music and how to embrace a success. Click here to read it.

“There was a time where Taylor and I were the only people in the band, and I feel like we did a pretty good job of keeping the train moving forward”, Hayley recalls. “I’m real sensitive to the dark stuff, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s better when you have a counterweight to that. And Zac has this energy — he’s a connector, and loves pulling people together. He’s the reason me and Taylor met, which says it all. So when he came back into the band, we realized how much we had needed and missed it”, she adds. “The three of us are like the tree, but the branches stem outwards along the same principle, including our crew, our tour manager Andrew, Brian, the whole band”, says Zac.

“I think sometimes, fans or people think that we’re doing something on purpose to take a turn and be different. We’re never trying to rebrand ourselves. It’s literally just what comes out”, Taylor says. “Not only are we passionate about this album as a piece of art, but whether people agree with it or not, we hope that it sparks thought and people are challenged, whether they feel seen or it makes them angry. Whatever it is, it’s here to elicit emotion, and that’s such a cool thing to be a part of,” he adds.

“We love bringing people in and creating a safe, joyful environment, like a shelter, almost. That’s what Paramore has been for us throughout a lot of our lives, even though it’s caused pain for us, too. And I think now that we are getting a better handle on it, our goal is to make it more than just about us, because that’s going to leave us feeling super empty the day anyways”, says Hayley and Taylor adds: “our fans are the ones that have really created this unbelievable community, this inclusive and beautiful place”.